Smash Ultimate players go viral on TikTok for unbelievable moment during thunderstorm

incineroar tiktokNintendo/TikTok

TikTok user Jessetoke has seen a clip of him and his friends playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate outside during a thunderstorm go viral, after an epic moment that clashed thunder with gameplay.

Smash Ultimate has added Kazuya from Tekken to its roster in June 2021, bringing the overall total to a whopping 81.

Kazuya marks the 11th fighter to be added post-launch, with one final character still on the way. A leak coming from a reliable source said that the last character added to Ultimate will be the beloved Waluigi, but until the time comes, we won’t know for certain who the final DLC character will be.

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Ultimate players continue to find crazy ways to keep the game alive. In a viral TikTok, a group of Smash players were playing outside during a thunderstorm, but never could they have imagined how the fight was going to end.

Tekken's Kazuya preparing to fight with hands upNintendo
Tekken’s Kazuya was named as Ultimate’s 81st fighter, bringing some players back to the fighting game.

Smash players go viral battling in thunderstorm

In a clip posted by user Jessetoke on August 12, they can be seen playing Smash outside – battling through the rain in a sheltered area.

The downpour enveloped the group with one friend shouting: “It’s getting on the screen!” as two players duked it out. The epic moment occurred when Incineroar killed Sonic with his dash-attack as thunder cracked loudly, causing the friend group to explode in excitement.

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It was literally perfect timing. In the description of the video, Jesse said, “This is the best thing I have done in a video game.”

The clip has since gone viral on TikTok, getting over 950k likes in just one a day. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem anybody was harmed from the severe weather they endured, and the only person who was injured in the clip was Sonic.

For Smash Ultimate players it’s nice to see Incineroar, hailing from the Pokemon series, get some love in a viral clip as he is one of the game’s less popular characters.

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