Asmongold drops hot take on the difference between hard work and smart work

Theo Burman
Asmongold Twitch

Asmongold dropped a new take about how people interpret effort while reacting to a video diving into Baldur’s Gate 3’s development.

While watching the video on-stream, Asmongold paused the video to say that people are more focused on the end product than the labor that goes into it.

The top Twitch streamer is known for coming out with some controversial opinions here and there, and this latest one took aim at people looking past the product in front of them and focusing too much on the work that went into it.

He also encouraged his viewers to “work smarter, not harder”, because it means they won’t work to hard to produce something that wasn’t worth the effort.

Asmongold says people care about the end product over effort

Asmongold said: “Nobody cares about the labor. Nobody gives a sh*t. That’s why everybody goes and buys Adidas shoes even though they were made in sweatshops. That’s why AI art is so popular.

“Nobody actually cares about how hard you work on something. Please stop caring about how hard you worked. That is not a badge of honor. Oftentimes, it should be the opposite! You worked too f*cking hard to achieve too little. Work smarter not harder!

“What the f*ck are you talking about: ‘we need to care about how much effort went into it?’

Asmongold also acknowledged that effort does have an important role, saying: “Of course it matters to an extent, and people can appreciate the effort involved, but don’t expect people to one-to-one value the effort. Because you can put a lot of effort into something and it be worth f*cking nothing. That’s just how it is.”

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