Ariana Grande fans criticize partner Dalton Gomez amid divorce rumors

Christy Mathew
dalton gomez and ariana grande

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez are reportedly getting a divorce after two years of marriage and fans have thoughts.

The couple first started dating during the lockdown in 2020 and tied the knot a year later. But they are reportedly parting ways as Dalton allegedly could not keep up with the singer’s celebrity lifestyle.

Page Six said that Gomez was surprised by Ariana’s demanding schedule and found it challenging to adapt to it. This led to the couple’s separation earlier this year as their divorce has been filed already.

Reportedly, Dalton could not adjust to life in the spotlight with Grande leading to their decision to separate. According to Page Six, the constant need for security in public took a toll on their relationship and was unacceptable to Dalton.

However, the deal breaker was Ariana’s travel to England for Wicked in December 2022, and Page Six reported that Gomez flew to England in January, in a final attempt to make their marriage work.

But the real estate agent reportedly felt that Ariana did not have enough time for him. An anonymous source revealed that they have been separated since then but continue to remain on good terms.

Fans call out Dalton for being “insecure”

Fans of Ariana are voicing their thoughts on social media as most of them are taking a jab at the real estate agent for allegedly failing to deal with his wife’s fame.

A fan posted an image on Twitter that read, “We’re told Dalton would sometimes question why they needed to go around the town with security, something that was a must for Ariana.”

The image continued with the following text, “Their differences started to make their marriage unravel, and it was greatly exacerbated when she went to England last December to begin filming for ‘Wicked’.”

Fans took this opportunity to drag Gomez through the mud, who has been reportedly dating other women for the past few months with Ariana’s permission.

Another fan wrote, “What is with these Z listers getting into relationships with A listers and then hating on how famous they are like did you not know how famous she was before??” Another said that everything connects now and blamed Gomez for ‘stealing’ Ariana from fans.

Some fans also shared that these differences were bound to come when somebody famous marries someone who isn’t, while others expressed how “pathetic” it is that there are “insecure, unsupportive men getting into relationships with incredible women, just to bring them down.”

Ariana was seen at the Wimbledon men’s final match along with Jonathan Bailey and Andrew Garfield without her wedding ring, leading fans to speculate about her relationship with Gomez as photos of her and Bailey from the event went viral.