AnEsonGib explains why fighting Logan Paul would be “easy pickings”

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Hollywood Life, YouTube / Logan Paul, Instagram

UK YouTube star “AnEsonGib” is scheduled to touch gloves with Team 10 founder Jake Paul on January 30 — but he’s not the only Paul brother Gib has his eyes on, apparently.

With their Miami bout marking both YouTubers’ first-ever professional boxing match, tensions are higher than ever as Jake seeks his real goal at the end of the road by fighting KSI.

However, it seems that Gib is similarly open to fighting another social media star after their bout, no matter who wins — and he doesn’t seem fazed about his chances against them in the ring, whatsoever.

Jake Paul, DAZN - TwitterJake Paul and AnEsonGib are set to face off in Miami on January 30.

In an interview with Hollywood Life following his January 7 press conference, Gib spoke out on potentially fighting Logan Paul, who is currently in talks to box the NFL’s Antonio Brown.

According to Gib, a bout with the eldest Paul brother isn’t much to sweat about, with the YouTuber claiming the “Maverik” would be “easy pickings” due to his current fight record.

Logan Paul, InstagramLogan Paul, aka “The Maverick,” is currently 0-1 in his boxing career – something that Gib claims makes him “scared to get hit.”

“That would be easy pickings,” Gib said of the possibility. “The man hasn’t won a fight yet. He’s had two losses! That’s the thing, he’s got the worst YouTuber record. Official!”

That’s not all: Gib went on to claim that Logan wouldn’t want to meet him in the ring, arguing that fighting might not be Paul’s strong suit.

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“He don’t want the smoke,” he continued. “It’s clear. …he’s scared to get hit. That’s a fact. The thing of it is, I think it’s another situation where he trained hard, and he’s obviously athletic, but I don’t think fighting’s for him, if I’m honest.”

Gib’s sentiment is one largely shared by many of those following Logan’s fighting career, but the YouTuber isn’t giving up one inch, after claiming that his boxing match with Antonio Brown is “closer than anyone expects.”

With Paul likewise hinting at a career in MMA, it seems both he and little bro Jake are looking to expand their opportunities outside of the vlogging camera — although there’s no telling how successful they’ll be until the time arrives (which, for Jake Paul, is less than a month away).

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