Andrew Tate reportedly paid for victim’s boob job to make her “more attractive” on OnlyFans

andrew tate interviewYouTube: The Admad Mahmood Show

Andrew and Tristan Tate allegedly paid for one of their victim’s cosmetic surgeries after they were encouraged to do so by their entourage. This was supposedly done so that she’d be considered “more attractive” on OnlyFans.

Andrew Tate is arguably one of the most infamous and controversial influencers of our generation. From his far-right views on women to his overabundance of spending, along with his involvement in alleged criminal activity, Tate has cemented himself in the public eye.

Recently, Tate has found himself in a bit of trouble, being arrested and investigated by Romanian police after a Twitter scuffle with environmental activist Greta Thunberg. Through this exchange, Tate revealed a couple of pizza boxes, and Romanian police were able to track him down and perform a house raid based on that location.

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Tate was arrested on December 29th, 2022 and his fans have become quite vocal about the influencer’s arrest. Tate’s appeals for release have also been denied several times and he has been held in detention since his arrest.

Prosecutors have now revealed that the Tate brothers allegedly paid for one of their victim’s boob jobs. The procedure in Romania can cost up to $3,000 USD, and was seemingly done so that the victim would be “more attractive” to potential clients on OnlyFans, as first reported by The Sun.

andrew tate matrixTwitter: cobratate
Andrew Tate is also known for his “matrix” conspiracy.

Alongside this, Tate’s entourage of so-called “angels” pressured the woman into having the operation. The woman claimed she would have to work up to 12-hour shifts, with only five minutes of breaks.

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It was also alleged that the woman was forcibly beaten and tortured by one of Tate’s angels, forcing her to outstretch her arms as it stretched out the scars from the cosmetic surgery.

The victim fled Tate’s operation and the angels attempted to make them pay back the cost of the operation, according to the prosecutors.

Andrew Tate’s court case is still ongoing, with him still being held in detention whilst his appeals for release are denied.