Andrew Schulz thinks Jake Paul would “f**k up” Connor McGregor

Andrew Schulz Jake Paul Connor Mcgregor fightYouTube: Flagrant

Comedian Andrew Schulz has shared his thoughts about a possible Jake Paul vs Connor McGregor match, mentioning that he thinks Jake would “f**k Connor up.”

Over the last few years, Jake Paul has been focusing on his boxing career.

So far, he has been in the octagon with AnEsonGib, Nate Robinson, Ben Askren, and has had two fights with Tyron Woodley.

He’s also made his fair share of attempts to organize a fight with Connor McGregor, who has continued to reject any offers — causing Jake Paul to take a personal shot at him in a recent video.

Andrew Schulz has shared his thoughts about the potential fight, roasting McGregor in the process.

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Andrew Schulz thinks Jake would “F**k Connor up”

In a recent episode of Flagrant, Andrew Schulz and the crew talked about Jake Paul’s recent video bashing Connor McGregor that he uploaded onto Twitter.

After watching the video, the hosts began talking about how Paul and McGregor have continued to go back and forth with each other although they haven’t even announced a fight yet.

This prompted Schulz to chime in with his thoughts: “If they do fight, Jake Paul is going to f**k Connor McGregor up.”

(Topic starts at 17:20 in the video)

Schulz also explained that Jake may be going back and forth with Connor on social media because it helps promote his upcoming fight with Hasim Rahman Jr.

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“He’s going to have to promote him because he’s going to have to promote everything for this fight because a lot of people don’t know Hasim Rahman,” he explained.

Whether or not Paul vs McGregor will ever happen is still up in the air, but it’s clear that fans would definitely be interested in seeing it.