Andrew Schulz explains why Jake Paul’s loss was “best thing to happen to him”

Jeremy Gan

Stand up comedian Andrew Schulz gave his take on Jake Paul’s recent loss to Tummy Fury and explained why he feels the loss could be a beneficial outcome for the YouTube star. 

In the latest episode of Schulz’s podcast Flagrant, the cast and guest Charlamagne Tha God decided to discuss Jake Paul’s recent fight. Mentioning that the loss to Tommy Fury, his first boxing loss, might have been the best outcome for the YouTuber, financially that is. 

The conversation started off with Schulz complementing both Jake and Tommy Fury for putting on a good fight. Saying that Jake and Fury both showed great adjustments mid-fight, and highlighting the tenacity they both showed.

Despite the praise, Charlamange argued the opposite, claiming that both weren’t great boxers, and that Jake hadn’t fought a “proper” boxer in his career to that point, which was why he lost. 

Schulz responded, “I think this loss was the best thing to happen to Jake.” Stunned, Charlemagne asked why?

Schulz explained, “The money fights for Jake, in my opinion, is not fighting real boxers. The money fights for Jake are fighting celebrities.” 

The loss, he explained, would incentivize other celebrities to challenge Jake in the ring rather than “real” boxers. As Schulz said, “if he beats Tommy, if I’m KSI, I’m going ‘I’m not fighting this motherf***er, this guy is a legit amazing boxer, he just beat a guy who dedicated his life to boxing.”

As Schulz’s co-host, Akaash Singh, put it, “if he beats Fury, he would’ve gone from a celebrity who boxes to a boxer in our eyes.”

And Schulz further explained, “then he can only fight real boxers, and then he’d have harder fights for less money.”

As Schulz saw it, Jake is most likely not interested in the boxing aspects of the fights, rather is in it for financial gain, and this outcome was most likely the best outcome for the YouTube superstar. 

The superstar has indeed earned an eye-watering amount from the fight, claiming he made $30 million dollars that night.

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