NELK Boys address Andrew Schulz drama as long-awaited podcast finally releases

NELK Boys Kyle in white FULL SEND shirt talking to camera wiht black hat onScreenshot via Twitter: NELK Boys

The NELK Boys have, finally, released their long-awaited podcast episode with Andrew Schulz after an 8-month-long wait, and they’re open to doing another. 

Whenever a podcaster says they have an unreleased episode in the back catalog, it doesn’t take long for fans to clamor to see it. Well, in the case of the NELK Boys, that came about when their manager John Shahidi admitted that they had an episode with Andrew Schulz recorded that had yet to see the light of day.

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The podcast was filmed back in November 2022 as Schulz joined that YouTube collective for an hour. In his podcast addressing things, the comedian said he felt as if he was being “trolled” by Steiny and, at one point, thought he was meant to be interviewing the YouTubers. Some clips surfaced too, showing Schulz and Steiny clashing at times – even though it didn’t expand to a full-blown argument. 

They’ve since responded, wanting to make things right and film a second episode with Schulz. Though, the previously unreleased episode has now been made public.

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NELK Boys address & release Andrew Schulz podcast from 2022

The podcast has been released on Twitter, given SteveWillDoIt appears in it and that can’t happen on YouTube. It also came with a message from Kyle Forgeard, explaining that they were bummed to hear that Schulz felt things went wrong. 

“With this one, it was our first time having a comedian on. We kind of wanted to treat it like a boys-only episode where it’s our internals and we just chill, bro down, and talk about whatever is going on in the world and we thought that would be a good way to do Schulz,” Kyle said

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“This is the first time where a guest didn’t enjoy themselves on the podcast which, honestly, sucks for me to hear that because we obviously want every guest to have a good time and we were excited to have Schulz on.”

Kyle added that he always wanted the episode to out and to not have to wait over eight months to put it out, but not everyone wanted it released. Though, once Schulz urged them to release it, they decided to do so. 

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“Schulz, I think we’ve got to run it back after this one! We have to, we have to, we have to, people want it,” he concluded. 

It remains to be seen if that’ll happen, but, it appears as if any potential beef has been squashed for now.