Jake Paul takes personal shot at Conor McGregor over ‘$200 million’ fight offer

jake-paul-conor-mcgregorIG: Jake Paul / Conor McGregor

Jake Paul is already set for his next fight, but the American YouTuber is already goading Conor McGregor to step into the ring – and he got pretty personal in his pitch.

‘The Problem Child’ has lived up to the name ever since making a splash in the boxing scene, whether it’s his propensity to call out combat sports legends or levying his social media platforms to generate conversation.

He’s now channeling his talents to multiple UFC belt winner McGregor to finish their saga of back-and-forth bickering between four walls of rope around a squared circle.

Up till now, McGregor hasn’t been impressed with Paul’s challenges, calling the 25-year-old content creator a “flop” after surmising payouts of $75 to $100 million dollars for both contestants should they agree to fight.

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YouTube: Jake Paul, ESPN MMA
Jake Paul has been looking for a fight event with Conor McGregor for a long time.

McGregor let Jake know exactly how he felt about him, but it seems as though the YouTuber seized on getting Notorious’ attention.

Paul once again proposed the two should fight, saying that there’s a real good chance the two have about $200 million to gain from the spectacle.

“You shouldn’t have f**cked with me Conor,” Paul said. “This is my game. There’s a new king in town. I’m running shit now… Let’s get in the ring and make $200 million.”

Appended to the pitch were segments of Paul seemingly airing McGregor’s dirty laundry and boasting about the sales that his early career has managed to rake in.

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McGregor has yet to reply to the video callout, but the two fighters don’t usually leave each other on read for long.

The Irish MMA champ has been ramping up his training since suffering a broken leg in his last outing, and it’s clear Jake wants to be the next person to test the UFC champ.

It’ll be interesting to see if Paul’s latest jabs will be enough to ignite a conversation with McGregor to make a fight happen, but we’ll just have to wait and see.