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Andrew Schulz says Logan Paul retired Floyd Mayweather: “He lost two rounds to a podcaster”

Published: 8/Jun/2021 20:02

by Brent Koepp


Comedian Andrew Schulz argued that while Floyd Mayweather technically won his boxing match against Logan Paul, the popular YouTuber retired the championship boxer by showing how “old” and “slow” he has become.

In the June 8 Flagrant 2 podcast, host Andrew Schulz explained why he was “impressed” with Logan Paul’s performance against Floyd Mayweather. The comedian hit out at boxing critics and experts who were not willing to give the 26-year-old any credit.

The Instagram comedian also argued that Mayweather would not be fighting Jake Paul anymore after the popular YouTuber effectively retired the undefeated champion by making him realize that his age was finally catching up to him.


Andrew Schulz on Flagrant 2 podcast
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The popular comedian explained why he was impressed with Logan Paul.

Andrew Schulz explains how Logan Paul “retired” Floyd Mayweather

During the Flagrant 2 episode, Schulz explained how Logan Paul shocked everyone by not getting knocked out and claimed the narrative for the fight shifted. “The stakes changed where Floyd had to stop Logan Paul to win. And Logan had to survive for him to win. Those were the rules emotionally. I’ve even said it, Floyd is gonna take him down. And it didn’t happen. Floyd tried he couldn’t do it,” he said.

While the Instagram comedian acknowledged that Mayweather won the match in terms of points, he argued that the YouTuber going eight rounds with him made the boxer decide to retire. “Yeah, Logan retired Floyd again. That’s what people don’t realize. It’s facts. You can say whatever you want. Floyd said in the post-fight presser, he went from before this fight: “Jake can get it afterward. In fact, both of them can get it the same night” to afterward “I don’t think I’m doing these exhibitions anymore, I made a billion dollars. Everything is good, we are out of here.”


Schulz admitted that his take on the situation pained him as he is a massive fan of the championship boxer. “It pains me to see what I saw. It was Michael Jordan on the Wizards. It just wasn’t there. Never in my life did I think I was gonna say that Floyd Mayweather barely beat a YouTube podcaster. I can’t believe I just said that sentence. Floyd Mayweather lost two rounds to a podcaster.”

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The Flagrant 2 creator called out boxing critics who said that Floyd was going to knock Logan out, only to shift their position after the fight. “Everyone starts making excuses for Floyd. People were paying to see a Paul brother get knocked out. And it didn’t happen. And that is a win for Logan. And you are lying if you are saying otherwise.”


Andrew Schulz also pointed out that it was Mayweather who wanted the exhibition match to have “no judges” and “no decision.” The comedian said that if the championship boxer wanted to win by decision, he could have taken the risk but chose not to. “I think Logan was right. Floyd had the most to lose. Floyd won the fight, but he lost it. And hats off to Logan. Floyd’s own rules helped Logan.”

Despite his take on the much-hyped match, the stand-up comedian reiterated that he is a massive fan of Mayweather. He, however, felt that not enough people were willing to give the 26-year-old YouTuber more praise for lasting a full fight with the championship fighter. “I don’t understand why NOBODY willing to give credit to this guy. Floyd was in there with  Conor McGregor, and McGregor got his a** kicked WAY MORE than Logan Paul.”