Daniel Cormier thinks Jake Paul’s boxing skill is still “limited” after Tommy Fury loss

Daniel Cormier Jake PaulInstagram/Jakepaul

Former MMA turned UFC commentator Daniel Cormier has called out Jake Paul’s boxing ability after his loss to Tommy Fury, with Cormier revealing that he still believes the Paul brother has a long way to go.

Jake Paul received his first boxing loss recently, with the content creator turned fighter going down against Tommy Fury in a close match. And while many have still praised Jake Paul for his fight against Fury, one firmer MMA athlete thinks the match exposed his “limited” skills in the ring.

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When speaking about the topic during his ESPN show DC & RC, ex MMA star Daniel Cormier slammed Paul, stating he is “not as good” as what he initially believes

“When watching Jake fight against Tommy Fury, he’s not as good as we originally thought,” began Cormier.

“Because Tommy Fury pretty much limited him to just throwing overhand rights. He didn’t have an answer for Tommy Fury, a guy that’s been boxing for as long as Fury’s been boxing. He just kept trying to hit him with the overhand right.”

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Daniel Cormier calls out Jake Paul’s boxing progress amid Fury loss

Following on from these comments, the MMA star then explained how, while his previous performances showed potential, Jake Paul struggled to adjust his performance against Tommy, which ultimately cost him the win.

“I respected what he was doing because he beat Anderson (Silva) in a boxing match, and what he had did to Tyron and those guys. So, I did think that he was really improving” Cormier said.

But he criticized Jake, saying, “But I think in watching the Tommy Fury match, it showed me how limited he still is in terms of his boxing development because when that weapon (right hand) was rendered useless. He just kept going to it, and it became more and more evident that it wasn’t going to land. But he didn’t have a plan B.”

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Jake Paul is yet to respond to these comments. However, we do know that the content creator turned fighter is keen to get back in the ring. With Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz locked in and set to take place in August of 2023.

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