Andrew Callaghan breaks 9-month Channel 5 hiatus with new content plan

Ethan Dean
Andrew Callaghan Channel 5 News ReturnsYouTube: Channel 5 News with Andrew Callaghan

Channel 5 News’ Andrew Callaghan has returned to YouTube with his first video in nine months. The YouTuber took the opportunity to lay out a new content schedule with regular uploads.

YouTube gonzo journalist Andrew Callaghan has shied away from the publication of content since allegations of sexual assault were made against him in January 2023. Immediately following the release of his HBO-produced documentary This Place Rules, multiple women came forward with accusations of misconduct.

Following the allegations, Callaghan admitted to a “negative pattern of behavior” and checked himself into rehabilitation for alcohol abuse. Since that time, Callaghan placed himself on an indefinite hiatus though he was seen recording new content as early as August 2023.

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On October 9, 2023, Callaghan uploaded the first video to the Channel 5 With Andrew Callaghan YouTube channel in nine months. Titled ‘Q Shaman Comes Home’ details the QAnon Shaman’s return from federal prison and an outline for more Channel 5 content to come.

True to Channel 5 form, the short-form documentary is a wild ride from start to finish that features an exclusive interview with the QAnon Shaman Jacob Chansley following his 27 months in the Federal Correctional Institution, Safford.

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Highlights from the video include Chansley performing a Shamanic Hymn, clashing conspiratorial ideologies, and the bafflingly paradoxical celebration of a professed pagan at a Christian church.

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Callaghan’s most recent upload also featured unseen footage of the January 6 Riots. Most of which originated from a hard drive that Callaghan claimed “the FBI has been looking for, for two and a half years”.

Callaghan finished the video with a plug to his Patreon and a promise to his viewers that more content was inbound. “Every single Sunday at 5:55 PM, Eastern Standard Time, for the next 55 weeks we’re going to be dropping a new video here on YouTube,” he announced.

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During the video, Callaghan made no mention of the sexual assault allegations against him. There have also been no posts on any of his other publicly available social media channels.

While the comments on the YouTube video are overwhelmingly positive, news of the new video has reached Twitter where views on his return are a little more divisive.

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