Amouranth reveals hot tub “explosion” has destroyed her Twitch streaming room

David Purcell
amouranth on twitter

Twitch star streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has explained a “terrible” accident that took place in her streaming room after posting two cryptic tweets that worried her fanbase.

The popular streamer, who has over 5.7 million followers on her channel, can often be found broadcasting for viewers in the Just Chatting section.

Leading the way in the Twitch meta with everything from dancing streams to going live during sessions in a hot tub, Amouranth has quickly become one of the biggest content creators on the planet. Just this year, she surpassed Pokimane and Valkyrae to be crowned the most-viewed female streamer.

On August 18, though, she left many fans slightly concerned, following a series of vague tweets.

Amouranth posts leave fans worried

Two messages, posted between both her personal and professional Twitter accounts, have left fans wondering what is going on.

In the first post, the 28-year-old said: “Something terrible has happened,” with no context.

“This is straight up giving me anxiety. Please tell us if you’re ok,” one worried user wrote.

Another said: “I dearly hope it isn’t too serious, Kaitlyn. My thoughts are with you. Stay strong,” with a third user adding: “I’m sorry to hear that. Hope you get to feeling better soon.”

One other fan asked: “What happened?”

In a later post from Amouranth, she gave fans an update: “Cheer me up.”

Amouranth explains mysterious “terrible” incident

Luckily, fans weren’t left connecting the dots for themselves for long.

Hours later, the Twitch star finally posted an explanation, claiming that her hot tub had suffered an unfortunate accident in her streaming room.

“My hot tub exploded and destroyed my streaming room,” she wrote, promising to post pics of the aftermath “soon.

Fans are equal parts relieved and sympathetic for the streamer, hoping that the accident doesn’t impede her broadcasts nor her expensive streaming equipment.

For now, it looks like they’ll have to wait for more information as Amouranth rectifies her streaming station (and probably buys a new hot tub).