Amouranth explains how she’s helping OnlyFans creators with new business

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Twitch sensation Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has revealed new details about her “e-girl” agency to help OnlyFans creators make even more money.

Amouranth has become one of the top OnlyFans creators on the platform, earning herself over $1.5M every month, even eclipsing the profit made by Corrina Kopf. As such, she knows a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t.

As Siragusa ventures towards OF retirement, the streamer has started an agency designed to help creators who have already earned a following reach new levels of success.

On June 3, Amouranth touched more on this agency, who it will accept, and how it will function.

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Amouranth has made a fortune through OnlyFans.

Amouranth reveals e-girl agency details

In a Twitter thread, Siragusa explained how she is building her agency in order to help creators monetize and make huge profits.

“I’m starting by helping OF GIRLS INCREASE monetization via adopting BEST PRACTICES and ORGANIZING in a collective to lower platform fees via aggregating negotiating leverage,” she said.

“Who does over $40k revenue a month across OF & FANSLY?” she inquired. “If you need help with DMCA services for taking down content or would benefit from outsourcing ANY PART OF YOUR WORKFLOW including having a personal assistant or editor even.”

She went on to ask anyone interested to slide into her DMs, but added that while the agency was taking creators earning $40k per month at the moment, she has plans to expand.

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With Amouranth retiring from OF amid acquiring multiple gas stations and making huge investments, the creator seems poised to remain connected to the scene that earned her so much fame.

Whether or not her agency can prove to be a successful one remains to be seen, but given how hard she has been working for the past few years, it’s looking like it could wind up being yet another smart move by the hot tub streamer.