Mizkif claims Greekgodx offered to join him on stream for $10k an hour

Mizkif and Greekgodx streamingTwitch: Pokimane/ Greekgodx

Twitch star ‘Mizkif’ has revealed that following on from his dispute with Dimitri ‘Greekgodx’ Antonatos, his fellow streamer only agreed to a reunion in exchange for a whopping payoff. 

Greekgodx received a sudden Twitch ban on June 28. Although the reason for the ban hasn’t been confirmed as of writing, some suspected it was due to some harsh comments he made about his former friend Mizkif.

Mizkif subsequently responded claiming Greek’s outburst was due to the fact that he took his “spot” on Twitch and became more popular.

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He added that after the fight he reached out to Greek to try and let bygones be bygones. However, Greek supposedly told him that it would only be possible if Mizkif paid him “$10,000 an hour” to appear on his stream.

greekgodx-banned-twitchTwitch: Greekgodx
In a viral Twitch rant, Greekgodx said that Mizkif only brought women on his stream to simply attract more people to watch.

Mizkif shares Greekgodx messages following fight

On July 3, Mizkif joined his fellow Twitch star Pokimane when he opened up about the events following his public dispute with Greekgodx after he was suspended from the Amazon-owned platform.

“I messaged Greek,” He claimed. “I said ‘are you ok with what’s going on?’ His answer was ‘Miz, you feel off […] if you want me on stream it’s gonna cost you $10,000 an hour. But, until you’re willing to pay that, don’t ever talk to me again.'”

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Although, Miz quickly quipped back supposedly saying “only $10,000? Yikes, you fell off.”

After Pokimane questioned whether Miz was “trolling,” she then read the messages for herself and confirmed his story. She added that Greek finished the conversation by telling Miz to “be gone.”

Referring to Greek’s controversial comments shortly before his ban, Mizkif added: “I have no idea what happened to him. I really don’t. Did he have those ideas and stuff two or three years ago? No.”

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It’s still been not been confirmed whether Greek’s comments about Mizkif were what led to his suspension from Twitch. However, it’s clear the drama has had a huge impact on their friendship.

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