Amouranth hits out at police for not helping streamer’s cyber-stalking issues

Amouranth posing in Twitter photoTwitter: Amouranth

Streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has criticized her local police services for their lack of action after her home was invaded by a cyber stalker. 

Amouranth sent shockwaves among her fanbase after revealing that she was allegedly being stalked by an obsessive fan who had traveled all the way from Estonia to her hometown. He also livestreamed his experience trying to find the Twitch star as she hired extra security around her home to protect herself.

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It all came to a head when the individual was subsequently arrested. However, this was only after she had supposedly waited 33 minutes after calling 911 for the police to arrive.

Amouranth has now hit out at the emergency services who have been dealing with the case claiming that one “rude detective” told her that cyber-stalking is “not a real threat.”

Amouranth streaming on TwitchAmouranth previously hit out at the lack of response from emergency services on the night her home was invaded by an alleged cyber stalker.

Amouranth calls for better protection from cyber-stalkers

On June 24, Amouranth panned the local emergency services for their supposed lack of response throughout her terrifying ordeal. It comes after the streamer claimed she originally told the police about the threat back in May 2022, yet they couldn’t “do anything” other than setting up patrols outside of the alleged stalker’s hotel.

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Following on from the scary incident, Amouranth claimed that one detective said that cyber-stalking is “not a real threat.”

However, that hasn’t stopped her pursuit to raise awareness about the threat of cyber-stalking. The 28-year-old has claimed that she will continue to ‘shine a spotlight’ on the issue to protect her fellow influencers.

Local mayor contacts Amouranth over cyber-stalking

Amouranth has already made progress with her pledge to tackle cyber-stalking as the streamer stated that she was contacted by the local government about the incident.

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“Either some followers got the Houston Mayors’ attention or some large papers covered it,” Amouranth said. “Got a call apparently at the behest of the mayor. Unfortunately not the right jurisdiction but hopefully this goes up the chain to the right place.”

The harrowing ordeal with the accused stalker is officially over for Amouranth after months of turmoil. However, the streamer is on the path to ensure that it never happens again.

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