Amouranth explains how she benefits from controversial Twitch streams

Michael Gwilliam
amouranth benefits from twitch streams

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa opened up about some of the controversies she’s caused on Twitch with her hot tub streams and how the drama actually ends up helping her.

Amouranth was one of the many streamers who helped usher in a controversial new “Twitch meta” last year by streaming in bikinis while chatting in hot tubs.

The controversy surrounding hot tub streams being advertiser friendly in the Just Chatting section eventually resulted in Twitch creating a new category just for that type of content.

While Siragusa was pleased the Amazon-owned streaming platform decided not to “strike down against women and their bodies,” the very existence of her streams has caused some drama – something she says has actually helped her.

Amouranth’s hot tub streams have helped her rise to the top of Twitch.

Amouranth explains how her controversial streams help her

In an interview with Refinery29, Amouranth revealed that she feels there is more of a “bias” from certain viewers who freak out over the fact she’s wearing a bikini on stream and shows off more skin.

“I feel like it actually would do the world better if people were more desensitized to human bodies, specifically female bodies,” she said. “If they can just get used to seeing girls in bikinis, maybe they stop freaking out about it and acting weird about it…I feel like this is my body. I’m human. You have a body, too. And we should all just get over it and look past that and move on.”

However, Amouranth has been using these perceptions to her advantage and has risen to the top of the streaming world as its most-watched female streamer ahead of big names such as Pokimane and Valkyrae.

“Companies will use attractive women to draw in customers and remain memorable. So I definitely do find that annoying, but that’s just how the world is and instead of feeling bitter about it,” she explained. “I just decided to capitalize on it.”

Amouranth Net Worth
Amouranth says she makes around $100,000 a month on Twitch.

Siragusa says she never “planned” on making sexy content, but gave it a shot when she saw others girls doing it and noticed the results right away. “It wasn’t very hard to know it was working for me because my view count went from about 4,000 views on average to 10,000 and 13,000, hitting 20,000 and occasionally 30,000,” she said.

Currently, Amouranth says she is making around $100,000 a month from Twitch. That’s in addition to the income she makes from OnlyFans totaling a whopping $27M so far – money she’s used wisely in the form of major business investments.

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