Alinity leaks Trainwreckstv messages amidst sexual harassment allegations

Ross Deason

Alinity Divine has leaked a screenshot of direct messages sent to her by Trainwreckstv following her recent allegations against him

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Alinity recently accused Trainwrecks of saying that he would rape her in her Twitch chat, stating: “I think if a person tells you that they’re going to rape you, that’s not cool. I don’t think I would ever want to be alone with that guy, I’m terrified of him, honestly.”

Her fellow Twitch streamer denied all the claims and revealed that he is seeking legal action against Alinity, saying: “My attorney is confident that things will go my way.”

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Alinity then took to Twitter to say that she was wrong about where Trainwrecks had threatened her before doubling down on the accusations of sexual harassment and leaking some messages that he appears to have sent to her in 2016.

“I was mistaken exactly where some of the threats happened,” she said. “It’s been a  cycle of him sexually harassing me, me saying NO, him getting angry and threatening me at events or in text, then later him wanting to ‘talk it out’, only to make sexual remarks or get in my face again.”

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After being accused of cutting her response to Trainwrecks out of the original image, Alinity went on to post another screenshot that shows no reply other than another message from Trainwreckstv some months later.

While neither image seems to contain concrete proof that Trainwreckstv threatened to rape Alinity, she has also stated that the issue is now being “pursued through the proper legal channels.”

“If it wasn’t in any of the channels that have recorded logs, it would have had to have been in one that wasn’t. He also had my Snapchat, so if I’m misremembering it could have been on there.” She told The Daily Dot when approached for a comment on the situation.

Whether she has provided more evidence to these legal channels is currently uncertain. Alinity has stated that she will not be addressing the situation again while it is being pursued.

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