Pokimane responds to OnlyFans speculation and predicts huge earnings

David Purcell
pokimane on twitch stream
Pokimane, Twitch

Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has revealed her prediction for the amount of money she could make on OnlyFans – and it’s in the millions of dollars. 

A number of streamers have moved onto the internet subscription service platform in recent times, with the likes of Amouranth, Corinna Kopf, and Alinity each reporting that they have made stacks of cash in the process.

Many creators use OnlyFans to share content they would like to see remain behind a paywall, which can include a wide variety of photos, audio, and videos.

While Amouranth has retired her account on OF, Kopf previously stated she had a payday of over $4 million. In turn, Alinity claimed to be earning significantly more cash than she was solely streaming on Twitch.

Naturally, those huge profits have led to questions about other creators – of all genders – following suit.

amouranth-instagram (1)
Amouranth, instagram
A number of Twitch stars have moved over to OnlyFans to create exclusive content.

Pokimane responds to OnlyFans speculation with prediction

Pokimane is one of those that are asked constantly on stream and her latest reply speculated about the possible rewards she could attract.

So far, it’s been a stern ‘no’ on her part, as she’s never opened an account on the website.

In a June stream, as part of the ‘Mizzy Wizzy, Poki Doki podcast’, the 26-year-old content creator made a huge prediction. “A lot of people would say that I’m in a great position to capitalize off of having an OnlyFans.

“I could probably make like somewhere between one to 10 million dollars a month,” said added.

There was a suggestion following that prediction that she could even make more, from Mizkif. He said: “You are completely wrong. You could make way more than that.”

Explaining her stance on OF, Pokimane continued: “Whether it’s OnlyFans, gambling, or whatever… I think it’s pretty clear at this point that if I don’t genuinely want to do something – and it doesn’t matter how much money I can make doing it – I’m not going to do it. There is just nothing I hate more than that torturous feeling of doing things I don’t like to do.”

If the door ever appeared to be open to seeing Pokimane one day produce content for OnlyFans, it’s now firmly shut.

While the Twitch star could easily cash in on her popularity, it doesn’t look like it’s ever going to happen.