Alexia Grace ambushes Astrid Wett at KSI vs Joe Fournier press conference

Astrid Wett and Alexia Grace brawl at ksi joe fournier press conferenceTwitter: Misfits Boxing / YouTube: Full Motion

OnlyFans stars Alexia Grace and Astrid Wett got into a heated scuffle at the KSI vs Joe Fournier press conference — and now, it looks like a boxing match might be brewing between the two women.

YouTube star KSI and pro boxer Joe Fournier are set to touch gloves on Saturday, May 13 after months of trash-talk and posturing.

The rivals met up for a press conference two days before fight night — but it looks like another brawl broke out before they could get down to business.

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During the proceedings, an explosive scuffle took place between OnlyFans creators Alexia Grace and Astrid Wett. Several clips of the altercation have been posted online, which show the women exchanging blows before being separated by security guards.

In the clips, Wett claims that Grace “chucked water” on her before promising revenge. “I am coming for you, you f*cking b*tch!” Wett shouts.

This scuffle seemed completely random to fans and attendees, sparking some speculation that this could be a set-up for a boxing match between the two women later down the road.

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Alexia Grace challenges Astrid Wett to boxing match

Alexia Grace has since responded to the altercation on social media, posting a now-deleted clip from the brawl before showing off her busted lip that she received courtesy of Astrid.

“That punch was pathetic,” Grace said, showcasing a dark spot on the inside of her lip. “That’s all she’s done.”

Grace also officially challenged Astrid to a fight shortly thereafter, uploading a second video with the caption, “Fight me Astrid.”

“Astrid, punching me outside of the ring was low, but I’ll tell you what’s even worse — you punched me with your bare fists, and that’s all you could do,” she said, showing off her busted lip again.

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Astrid, on the other hand, seemed to find humor in the ordeal, joking that she “really is Astrid ‘Wett'” after getting water thrown on her in one of her Instagram stories.

astrid wett reacts to alexia grace feudInstagram: wettastrid

That’s not all; she also took several shots at Grace over on Twitter, writing in one now-deleted post: “Alexia Grace got absolutely RUINED. Don’t come at me at the press conference, who the f*ck even are you?”

Astrid Wett hits back at Alexia Grace TwitterTwitter: AstridWett

While it’s unclear if we’ll see these two in the boxing ring in the future, fans can tune into KSI vs Joe Fournier on May 13. For more news and information on this fight, check out our hub here.

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