Astrid Wett finally kisses ‘KSI’ after hilarious viral rejection

Astrid Wett & KSIMisfits Boxing

OnlyFans model and influencer boxer Astrid Wett kissed a KSI impersonator after the two stars went viral when the YouTube star dodged a surprise kiss last year.

KSI and Astrid Wett went viral last year as the Prime Hydration co-owner just narrowly missed a kiss from the OnlyFans star.

The YouTuber quickly leaned back to avoid an unexpected advancement from Astrid during weigh-ins for the Jay Swingler vs Cherdleys boxing event — which the internet went absolutely crazy over.

Now, Astrid has got what she wanted as she got a smooch from the British YouTuber, which turned out to be a fake KSI.

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Astrid Wett kisses fake KSI at weigh-in

Ahead of her bout against AJ Bunker on the undercard of Jay Swingler vs Nicholai Perrett, the OnlyFans model finally got to kiss KSI during her weigh-in. However, it turned out to be a fake impersonator.

Wearing his classic bandana and even holding a bottle of Prime, the fake ‘KSI’ stood behind Astrid as she stepped on the scale.

After she stepped off, the OnlyFans star went in for a quick kiss, and instead of being swerved like last time, the fake YouTube star returned the gesture.

It’s fair to say many found the moment hilarious, while some flamed the obviously fake KSI. “That’s not KSI that’s KFC,” one fan joked on Twitter.

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“Thats ksi from the flee market,” said another.

After initially rejecting her, the YouTuber explained in a video why he actually turned her advancement down — explaining how he hates public affection and thinks it’s cringe. But at least now Astrid has finally got what she wanted.