Alexandra Botez pops off after finally beating Magnus Carlsen at chess with major handicap

alexandra botez beats mangus carlsenTwitch/BotezLive

Twitch star Alexandra Botez went absolutely crazy after she managed to defeat Magnus Carlsen at chess, but only after numerous tries and a severe handicap.

Alexandra Botez is one of Twitch’s most popular streamers with plenty of fans across the globe frequently tuning in to watch her and her sister Andrea play chess.

During a recent broadcast, Botez found herself facing off against the world’s top chess star, Magnus Carlsen, and took him on in a series of matches.

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However, Botez decided to make things a bit more of a challenge for Carlsen by giving him a severe time disadvantage with only thirty seconds of time while she had a full five minutes. Surely she’d dominate, right?

Magnus Carlsen crushes Alexandra Botez nonstop

Although Alexandra gave herself an advantage, Carlsen was not deterred and simply decided he would just have to play really fast.

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In a series of matches, the chess icon decimated Botez over and over, forcing her to either resign or even checkmating her.

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Eventually, after a series of agonizing defeats, the streamer was able to get the upper hand and timed out Carlson, resulting in a ferocious victory cry.

“YES! YES! YES!” she screamed out in delight, even posting her win on Twitter with the caption, “Never rematching so that I can say last time we played, I won.”

Of course, with such a severe handicap, it’s still very impressive that Mangus was able to win as many games as he did in a row, especially against someone as skilled as Alexandra Botez.

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