AI xQc gets thousands of viewers after becoming “easier to understand” than the original

Theo Burman
xQc call Australian streamer envious of him

An AI version of xQc gained thousands of viewers after fans realized that it was “easier to understand” than the original.

xQc’s fast manner of talking has occasionally made it difficult for viewers to understand him, which is something he’s admitted himself on-stream.

But now, there’s an alternative for viewers who can’t keep up with the stream- an AI version of xQc that’s easier to understand.

Thousands of viewers tune in for AI xQc stream

On the stream, which has over eight thousand followers, the AI has a fully functional webcam, and is capable of responding to chat messages.

One clip, that went viral on Twitter, showcased the AI playing Only Up, and people started noticing that the AI’s speech was significantly easier to understand, albeit much more simplistic.

One commenter pondered: “Why can I understand him better?”, while another said: “I understand AI xQc more than I understand xQc.”

However, several commenters also worried about the implications of AI in the streaming industry, with one person saying: “Looking like Ais are going to replace us all.”

xQc has previously admitted that he sometimes struggles to make sense of himself when he watches streams back. This was a particular problem during his Minecraft speedrun attempts, which created the infamous clip below:

For more news and updates on xQc, check out the concerns raised after he spoke about some health problems on a recent stream.

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