AdmiralBahroo blasts viewer for stealing his Twitch emote - Dexerto

AdmiralBahroo blasts viewer for stealing his Twitch emote

Published: 30/Apr/2020 19:28

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch streamer AdmiralBahroo was only minutes into his April 30 broadcast when he stopped everything he was doing to call out a viewer for allegedly stealing his emote.

Bahroo is one of the larger Twitch names out there, boasting over 750,000 followers on the platform. Despite his popularity, his eyes managed to catch a user spamming the stolen emote in his chat and decided to act.

After muting his music, much to the confusion to the thousands in attendance, the streamer told his chat to “hold up” while he took a screenshot.

AdmiralBahroo said this emote was stolen.

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“I shouldn’t be giving you this kind of attention. I’m acknowledging that before I do this,” the Twitch star began. “But personally, I haven’t seen somebody this stupid before.”


According to Bahroo, the user took one of his emotes, made a ripoff of it and started spamming it.

“I’m not entirely sure what you thought was going to happen. I don’t know if you thought ‘maybe if I do this they’ll come sub to me,’ but because you were that b*llsy and that stupid, I’ll send the DMCA live!” the streamer slammed.

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On his screen, AdmiralBahroo pulled up a screengrab of his chat featuring the stolen emote posted by user DannyPrime. While the streamer never explicitly said what emote it was, it appeared to be a ripoff of his “rooBlank” emote.


“We’ll fill it out right now!” he continued and proceeded to devote the next several minutes of the stream to writing up a Digital Millennium Copyright Act message to take the stolen emote down.

“I’ve got the whole copy paste ready, dude!” Bahroo warned. “If you don’t think I have this s**t memorized on how to do it, I’ll do it right now.”

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After some time passed and the streamer finishing filling out the form, he joked that it was a nice “good start to the stream.”

It’s unclear whether the DMCA worked or if the user decided to delete the account himself, but their account is no longer active on Twitch.


It just goes to show that you shouldn’t mess around with streamers who will take time out of their own broadcasts to shut down thieves.