Adin Ross reassures fans after “traumatizing” swatting incident

Virginia Glaze
Adin Ross Andrew Tate jail

Twitch star Adin Ross has reassured his fans after being swatted during a live broadcast on August 7, 2022, calling the incident “traumatizing.”

Swatting is, unfortunately, all too common for high-profile streamers and content creators.

‘Swatting’ refers to the act of calling emergency services, usually under the pretense of immediate danger, with the goal of dispatching a large number of armed officers to someone’s location.

Adin Ross was the unfortunate victim of such a swatting on August 7, when a swath of officers raided his home during his ongoing broadcast. Viewers got a full view of law enforcement entering his room with guns drawn.

“Whatever troll did it, you did it,” Adin said before ending the stream. “You officially did it. It’s never happening ever again. Crazy. […] That was insane.”

Luckily, Ross is alright, and took to Twitter to let his fans know that he’s alive and well after the horrifying ordeal — which he says was nothing short of “traumatizing.”

“I’m okay,” he said. “I appreciate everyone who’s been checking on me, asking and stuff. I’ll obviously update you guys on the full story later on. …traumatizing, man. It’s scary. It’s what comes with being in this position.”

“We’re still in shock, me and Pami, but I appreciate everyone that’s been showing love and showing a lot of support during this time.”

Ross went on to discuss YouTuber IShowSpeed, who was similarly swatted the very next day. According to Ross, the YouTuber is “doing good” and recovering after the ordeal.

“It’s a sick, cruel world we live in, man,” Ross continued. “…it’s sickening.”

These are just the latest swattings to happen to high-profile influencers; Apex Legends star ‘ImperialHal’ was also swatted during a live broadcast on July 30, while he was in the middle of a ranked match.