Adin Ross swatted live on Twitch with armed police storming streaming room

Adin Ross swattedTwitch: AdinRoss

Adin Ross, one of Twitch’s biggest stars, was targetted by a swatting during his broadcast on August 7, with viewers able to see police enter his room with weapons drawn.

Swatting is the dangerous and criminal act of falsifying an emergency situation to police, with the intention of prompting an armed response to the desired address. It is often, although not always, targeted at livestreamers, so that the incident can be seen by thousands of viewers.

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In the past, such incidents have even led to deadly consequences, and significant jail time for those responsible for the swatting – but this, sadly, has not made the practice any less common.

Adin Ross swatted for second time

This is actually not the first time that Ross has been a victim of swatting, although it is the first time that it happened at his home address, at least that we know of.

After a long broadcast, Adin was winding down with some gambling content, when suddenly police enter. In total, four officers can be seen, all with weapons in hand.

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After about 10 minutes, Adin re-enters the room to end the stream.

“Whatever troll did it, you did it. You officially did it. It’s never happening ever again. Crazy. […] That was insane.”

Ross was previously swatted in July 2021, during a fan meet up – but on this occasion, the police were actually fake.

Some streamers report constant swatting, many of which are not captured on broadcast. Twitch’s most-watched streamer, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, said he had to move home after being swatted daily.

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