Adin Ross reveals what needs to change for Kick to succeed

Adin ross what kick needsYouTube: Adin Live

Adin Ross has revealed that Kick’s biggest names need to be more positive and focus on “spreading love” for the platform to succeed in its power struggle with Twitch.

In a discussion with fellow content creators Akademiks and Sneako, Adin outlined the mentality that Kick streamers needed going forward, which he said he realized after reflecting on his recent controversies.

Adin is one of the biggest names on Kick and has tried to recruit influencers like Sneako to the site multiple times. Now, it looks like he’s fleshed out his view of what the ideal Kick streamer looks like a bit more.

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Adin Ross says Kick streamers need to “lead by example”

In the discussion with Sneako and Akademiks, Adin used his recent behavior as an example of the kind of content Kick should move away from, saying that putting “negative energy” into the internet was not sustainable.

He said: “I’m going to tell you right now: That’s what Kick needs right now. They need one of their faces to lead by example, and do great and big things and bless people, and just spread love. Because I’m telling you, that’s what it’s about in this world.

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“So I understand my persona on the internet is snobby at the moment. I get it. But that’s not who I am personally. I love everyone around me.”

Adin also addressed his video on opioid addiction, which he posted on Tuesday, and how he plans to pave the way for other streamers to make more optimistic content.

“I was giving out negative energy this past month, and I’m sick of that sh*t. I don’t want that sh*t. It was creeping up on me. Every day I didn’t want to get out of bed. I was depressed as f*ck.

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“It all started with insecurity and ego. And it’s stupid as f*ck that I had a void in my heart and I filled it with a cup. That’s why I’m letting everyone know. It’s deeper than it sounds.”

While Kick has been making headlines for its rapid acquisition of big talent, such as GMHikaru, it’s still struggling to assert itself in the Twitch-dominated streaming industry. Another big name, Heelmike, recently came under fire for taking what appears to be cocaine on-stream.

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Perhaps Adin’s advice could be the turning point for a streaming platform that still defines itself by being an alternative to Twitch.

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