Adin Ross disputes Twitch CEO’s reasoning for streamer’s removal from TwitchCon

Daniel Appleford
Adin Ross streaming on Kick

Adin Ross is dismissing Twitch CEO’s claim that he and other streamers were removed from TwitchCon due to their fraudulent accounts by showing security footage from the event.

At TwitchCon Kick streamers attended the event through streams outside the convention where they wore shirts of the rival platform. However, Adin Ross claims these shirts were the reason he was removed from Twitchcon.

After streamers were removed from TwitchCon, Clancy addressed the issue on his own Twitch stream. He claimed that the Kick streamers had been banned on Twitch prior to the event and used alternate accounts to obtain badges which was why they were removed.

“It [the removal of streamers] had nothing to do with their t-shirts,” said Clancy. “Actually, there were a lot of folks inside that had Kick t-shirts. It was because they fraudulently obtained the tickets.”

But Adin Ross is sharing footage from TwitchCon which appears to contradict this statement.

Adin Ross says he was removed from Twitchcon over Kick shirt

Ross, who was one of the streamers who attended TwitchCon, dismissed Clancy’s claim of false accounts being the reason for their removal. Security footage from the incident supports this claim as one security personnel states the Kick shirts made the streamers ‘guilty by association’.

“It’s just the shirt man,” said one of the security guards. “It’s guilty by association.”

Users have had mixed feelings over the release of the new footage with some saying that it is a ‘bad look for Twitch‘ while others are singing Twitch’s praises for taking action.

“Uncommon Twitch W,” said one Twitter user.

While Clancy claims that the shirts were not to blame for the issues at TwitchCon, Ross tells a different story. Twitch and Clancy have not addressed the security guard footage since it has been released.

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