Addison Rae hits back at online hate after returning from hiatus

Virginia Glaze
Addison Rae poses in makeup done by James Charles

[jwplayer ksH6zuKH]TikTok star Addison Rae has finally returned from her unexpected social media hiatus last week — but she’s still being bombarded with criticism, and now, she’s firing back at the backlash.

While Addison Rae may be one of TikTok’s top content creators, the star has come under fire in recent weeks over her past content and social media posts — namely, a video she shared four years ago that dubbed the Black Lives Matter movement a “cult.”

This, combined with other incidents, prompted a mountain of criticism against the TikToker, who took an unannounced break from social media in response to the overwhelming backlash.

A few days later, Rae returned to the internet with an apology for having shared the video all those years ago, and confirmed that she had left social media to take a break from the madness.

However, her apology doesn’t seem to be enough for many critics, who continue to bombard the star with negative messages and comments in wake of her return.

It seems the backlash has grown so severe that Rae is hitting back at the criticism instead of taking another break, as evidenced by a series of Tweets posted on July 16.

“Stop making people hate themselves,” she Tweeted, accompanied by, “Please spread love.”

“Putting your energy into being loving and kind is so much more fulfilling than being negative and pointing out everyone’s flaws,” she followed up. “Don’t judge others for the things you don’t want to be judged for.”

While her Tweets are clearly meant as a positive message, critics are making sure to point out her past mistakes, with many taking issue with her apology.

“She uh, ya know, danced to a song about eating disorders, tried to get another TikToker to say the n word on Live, has been called out for blackfishing and retweeted a video about someone saying BLM is a cult,” one user wrote.

“It’s funny that now you’re getting hate, you start talking about it, but when other influencers were going through the same sh*t, you kept quiet,” another chimed in. “I don’t have hate against you, but that’s just as bad.”

However, it is worth noting that plenty of Addison’s fans are taking to the comments in defense of her — but it doesn’t seem like the backlash against Rae is going away anytime soon.