Addison Rae & Hailey Bieber respond to rumors about ‘beef’ between them

Georgina Smith
Addison Rae and Hailey Bieber in a YouTube videoYouTube: Hailey Bieber

Addison Rae & Hailey Bieber have addressed rumors that there’s ‘beef’ between them, after fans thought Hailey was ‘rude’ in a viral clip of Addison talking about her relationship with ex-boyfriend Bryce Hall.

TikTok star Addison Rae first appeared on Hailey Bieber’s YouTube channel on May 26, featuring in a series called ‘Who’s in My Bathroom’ in which the star interviews and plays games with various different celebrities.

While discussing their lives in the media, their conversation quickly turned to what it’s like having a relationship in the public eye, and Addison opened up about her split from ex-boyfriend and fellow TikTok star Bryce Hall.

However, many viewers pointed out that while Addison was talking about her past, Hailey was spraying whipped cream into her mouth, with some labeling the star ‘rude.’ The clip quickly spread on social media.

Topic starts at 6:47

Now, in a new episode of Addison’s podcast ‘That Was Fun?’ the pair have cleared up rumors that have stemmed from the viral clip.

“I feel like people took that clip so out of context,” Addison explained, “cause I mean we’ve talked about that so many times, it just happened to be public that time which like, I mean it was just a different case. We didn’t want it to be serious, or awkward.”

Hailey agreed that she didn’t want the conversation to be “too intense and too deep,” and added: “I never want someone to come on ‘Who’s in My Bathroom’ and feel like I’m trying to pry information out of them, or get them to talk about a subject that could potentially be sensitive or uncomfortable for them, just for the sake of views.”

Topic starts at 30:35 (1:45)

She went on to say that she called Addison when she found out that the clip was circulating to make sure that she didn’t feel as though Hailey was ‘ignoring’ her.

The stars made sure to let viewers know that they are good friends off-camera too, and cleared up any misunderstandings people might have had about the clip.