Addison Rae fans defend star against comments saying she looks “old”

Georgina Smith
Addison Rae wearing a hat

After Addison Rae went makeup-free in a TikTok she received a flood of comments claiming she looks “old,” but many have been commending the star on her decision to show her natural skin texture.

As TikTok’s third most followed creator, Addison Rae is known by millions of people on the platform, and although she has plenty of fans, the star often receives a substantial amount of hate due to being in the spotlight.

On November 5, her videos were bombarded with comments congratulating her on her ‘pregnancy’ after a TikToker decided to intentionally start a confusing rumor, but some called out the prank by saying it could be construed as “body shaming.”

But that isn’t the only drama happening in the influencer’s comment section. Addison also decided to upload a video of her without any makeup on, showing her natural skin—but it seems this video found its way to a lot more people than usual, as it was quickly plagued with comments claiming the 21-year-old looks “old.”

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“I would never say she’s in her 20s, I swear she looks like 27/30 years,” one commenter wrote, echoing several others’ opinions that she looks older than her age.

Comments on a TikTok by Addison Rae

However, fans were quick to defend Addison against the comments, commending her on her decision to show her natural skin texture in a TikTok.

“Lmao social media really made y’all forget what REAL skin looks like. Ain’t no way y’all calling this looking old,” one person said, with another writing: “I love how she represents that textured skin is normal.”

Comments on a TikTok by Addison Rae

Others also pointed out the double standards in the entertainment world, saying: “Y’all want celebs to show their natural self but when they do y’all just judge.”

As more people find the video, fans are continuing to send praise Addison’s way, countering some of the negativity in the comment section.

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