Addison Rae & Dixie D’Amelio spooked by ‘deepfakes’ of them on TikTok

Alice Hearing
Addison Rae and Dixie D'Amelio Instagram

Dixie D’Amelio and Addison Rae have hit at ‘deepfake’ videos being posted of the two TikTok superstars.

Addison Rae boasts an impressive 60 million followers on TikTok and earns the most money of any TikToker. While she may be a little overshadowed by her little sister Charli, Dixie has still amassed 38 million followers.

Addison and Dixie have both been subject to a torrent of hate, abuse, and negative attention since blowing up on the app, something that both creators have spoken up about in the past, whether its to do with false rumors about themselves or other people.

Dixie has had to defend her own family and her ex-boyfriend, Griffin Johnson, on Twitter after they faced backlash from false rumors circulating on TikTok and Instagram.

Dixie D'Amelio and Addison Rae
Dixie and Addison are two of TikTok’s biggest creators

Now, deepfake videos of the creators have been circulating on the app, and Dixie has had enough.

According to Instagram account ‘TikTokroom’, one deepfake was posted with the caption “Okay imagining how embarrassing it is for Dixie’s parents once they see it.” Dixie commented on the video saying “Yes. It’s a deepfake but still my parents on this app chill” – in all caps.

Addison, who herself has also been the target of these ‘deepfakes’, replied to Dixie’s comment, “I can relate to this.”

Addison spoke out on persistent internet trolls this week in a tearful Instagram live in which she said: “There are moments when I read things about myself, and I read comments and I read things like that… I can’t sit here and act like has never affected me, because it has.”

TikTok has recently taken measures to tackle the rise of deep fakes within the app. In August, the platform said they are explicitly banned and that they are expanding fact-checking partnerships with PolitiFact and Lead Stories.

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