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Aceu reveals insane monthly earnings as a Twitch streamer

Published: 2/Jul/2021 12:26 Updated: 3/Jul/2021 17:32

by Lauren Bergin


With Twitch streaming continuing to climb in popularity, NRG content creator and former professional Legends player, Brandon ‘aceu’ Winn, has revealed his ridiculous monthly salary. 

As the years go by, Twitch streaming and professional esports continue to snowball in popularity. With people like Valkyrae, Pokimane, and Sykkuno having become household names for most gamers, Twitch represents a gateway to major success.

Enter aceu, NRG content creator and former Apex Legends pro player. Despite having retired from competitive Apex and CS:GO, he’s become a streaming phenomenon boasting over 1.7 million followers on Twitch.

Opening up about his salary in a recent Twitter post, the streamer is living proof of the power of a professional gaming career.


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The former Apex pro also competed in CSGO as well.

Aceu reveals monthly Twitch earnings

In a July 1 Twitter thread, the 26-year-old revealed to the world how much he earns each month from his streaming career.

Writing “I used to make $2000/month delivering pizzas and struggling to pay for dinner,” he goes on to state “now I make $100k/month without leaving my house.”

Highlighting that the comment was “not a flex” he posted in the hopes that “it could help someone that might feel stuck like I used to.”

Following up with a comment noting that “a lot of people in the comp/stream community hide how much they make because they’re scared they’ll make less if people know,” he urges his fellow streamers and pro players to be more “open with their contracts, then everything would be more fair for everyone.”


Some respondents haven’t taken too kindly to his tweets, though. With one writing that a lot of players and streamers are contract-bound to hide their income, he hits back with “not true. Where did you hear this?”

When one user pleaded with the star to share some of his wealth because “I’ve been struggling a lot lately mentally and could benefit from knowing that my next gas fillup was covered or that my phone won’t get shut off next month,” aceu simply responded with ‘”sent,” having given the commenter some money.

With great power comes great responsibility, and aceu is using his platform and his income to better the world around him.