ACE Family accused of stealing from small YouTuber for Ace Fest event

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YouTube stars The ACE Family are being accused of stealing footage from a small YouTuber to advertise their upcoming event Ace Fest.

The ACE Family began selling tickets for their upcoming event Ace Fest back on April 9.

Since then, stars of the channel Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz have been accused of fudging the statistics on the number of tickets they sold after the pair claimed the event was completely sold out.

Now, the couple is being called out on social media over claims they stole footage to promote Ace Fest as well.

ACE Family facing lawsuits
The ACE Family has over 18.9 million subscribers on YouTube.

ACE Family allegedly stole footage for Ace Fest

Social media users have pointed out that footage the couple has advertised across social media might be taken directly from a small content creator without their permission.

The footage appears towards the end of the video below and shows an aerial view of a carnival including glowing rides and games.



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YouTube sleuth MadCatster tracked down the person who owns the footage, Jay and Mack Films, and asked them if they were aware ACE Family had been using their videos to promote their own event.

The videographer said they hadn’t heard of ACE Fest using their footage until MadCatster had contacted them for comment. They also said, “That was the first time we heard anything about it… We came across that YouTube video that had over 2 million views where they’re using it to promote their Ace Fest and we saw our clips and were so shocked. Like, what the heck.”

Video starts at 8:20

The YouTuber went on to say it was “wild” that the ACE Family didn’t contact them for permission or notify them they were using their footage to promote ticket sales for their own event.

As we draw closer to the official date for Ace Fest, July 9, many content creators like Ethan Klein believe the event either won’t actually happen at all or will be “Fyre Festival” levels of disaster.

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