Ethan Klein slams ACE Family Fest as the next ‘Fyre Festival’

ethan klein austin mcbroomEthan Klein/Austin McBroom

YouTuber and podcaster Ethan Klein hit out at the ACE Family’s upcoming live event ‘ACE Family Fest’ after allegations they lied about ticket sales.

The ACE Family, the YouTube star family led by couple Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz, announced they are hosting a massive live event on July 9 called the ACE Family Fest.

The Family Fest instantly drew in scrutiny, as an internet sleuth uncovered that McBroom and Paiz may have fibbed about the event being sold out.

Now, a long-time critic of the ACE Family, Ethan Klein, has bashed the event and said it might be destined for failure – if it actually happens at all.

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Ethan Klein is the host of the H3 podcast.

Ethan Klein roasts ACE Family Fest

Klein spent a portion of the H3 podcast talking about the upcoming Family Fest and even revealed he and his co-hosts bought tickets to attend the event.

Ethan and his crew did the math on how many tickets they’ve sold and don’t believe the event can actually go down with the money they’ve brought in.

“You cannot put this festival on for $200,000. You can’t do it. I mean, they could try, and it would just be f**king horrible,” Ethan said.

Dan, Ethan’s producer and co-host, said “Like, Fyre Festival status, and dangerous.” Ethan agreed with the comparison, “Yeah, it would be like Fyre Festival. It would be.”

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Despite believing it will be a disaster, Ethan is still hyped for the event: “I’m excited to see what happens, because you know Austin and his wife Catherine are like, ‘Dude, we can’t do ANY scams!’ Because people are on their s**t.”

As of now, it’s unclear if Ethan and his producers will be allowed into the event if they show up, assuming the ACE Family Fest goes down as planned.