6ix9ine surprises NELK Boys’ SteveWillDoIt with super rare $200k McLaren

Jacob Hale
stevewilldoit gets rare mclaren from 6ix9ine

The steady integration of YouTube stars into the celebrity world continues to bring us bizarre stories, with infamous rapper Daniel ‘6ix9ine’ Hernandez gifting SteveWillDoIt an incredibly rare McLaren sports car.

Steve and 6ix9ine have clearly started to harbor a pretty strong friendship between one another, ever since their incredible prank video on unsuspecting 6ix9ine haters.

Since then, they’ve clearly grown a solid bond among one another, and have become close friends throughout 2021.

Now, they’re exchanging gifts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars with each other, and it’s guaranteed to make anyone envious.

6ix9ine and stevewilldoit mclaren
The rapper and the YouTuber have clearly become very good friends.

Upon first meeting up, Steve shares out some expensive watches to his friends, including 6ix9ine and fellow NELK Boys associate Bradley Martyn, something that clearly struck a chord with the rapper.

The next day, the pair met up again and 6ix9ine expressed how grateful he was. “Steve, this is coming from Danny,” the controversial rapper said. “F**k 6ix9ine, the rapper sh*t. Yesterday, I was twisted. I never received a gift like that. I don’t get gifts, I’m usually the one giving gifts.”

He continued: “I always see you give back. You’re such a great individual and everything you do for people. We love you and appreciate everything you do, so this is your McLaren.”

Timestamp 25:21

The car itself is a 1 in 10 McLaren 570S MSO X, inspired by the 1995/96 McLaren F1 GTR which achieved a podium position at Le Mans in 1995.

By tracking back the number of the MSO X, we can find that 6ix9ine himself bought the car in March 2020 for a measly $173,600, despite an estimated value of $275-325,000.

Since then, he also gave it a brand new blue wrap to hide the previous yellow and black colour, making it even more unique. That is definitely some gift to be giving to your friends.

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