SteveWillDoIt calls 6ix9ine a “deadbeat” dad after gifting rapper’s daughter $100K

Molly Byrne

YouTuber SteveWillDoIt gifted rapper 6ix9ine’s daughter and her mother over $100,000 despite no longer being friends with him.

After claiming rapper 6ix9ine is a “deadbeat dad” in a video uploaded on April 30, YouTuber and NELK Boys member SteveWillDoIt gifted 6ix9ine’s daughter a bundle of cash. He also said he’d be putting her and her mom on his “payroll” for a year, giving them $12K a month.

Not only that but he gifted the mother-daughter duo $20,000 for the daughter’s education. He then gave the mom $20,000 and a Birkin bag, while the daughter was given her choice of jewelry and a Rolex watch – all of which was a generous blessing to the family after they didn’t have hot water for six weeks.

During their encounter, SteveWillDoIt described why he gave 6ix9ine’s daughter and her mother so much money. “Danny [6ix9ine] is able to see his beautiful daughter and see his face, and yet he’ll give money to this b*tch, this b*tch’s daughter.”

The YouTuber then said that 6ix9ine has a “fetish” for women whom he can’t afford. “He pays them but he doesn’t pay his own kid,” added a friend of SteveWillDoIt.

SteveWillDoIt and 6ix9ine have had a history over several years. However, in 2023, they had a falling out after 6ix9ine fumbled the $2M Rumble deal that the YouTuber set up for him. Allegedly, SteveWillDoIt made a deal with Rumble for the rapper to play video games for their platform once a week. 6ix9ine told the company he needed $2M upfront for a house to make content, but he ended up spending it on women. That’s when SteveWillDoit began regretting his decision to familiarize 6ix9ine with his family and friends.

“I hate him. He’s kind of evil… when you’re talking to him, it’s like psychopath vibes,” SteveWillDoIt said about his former friend.

Before the two ended their friendship, 6ix9ine dropped a massive amount of money on the YouTuber. In Summer 2021, 6ix9ine gifted SteveWillDoIt a $500,000 McClaren. “I give people stuff every week and for someone to give me something meant the world to me.. especially 6ix9ine,” SteveWillDoIt said in an Instagram post after the exchange.

Though the two are nowhere near a reconciliation, SteveWillDoIt’s generosity to 6ix9ine’s daughter and her mother will go a long way, as the mother accepted their gifts with tears in her eyes.

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