4v1 fight goes viral on TikTok: Man injured in brawl caught in cut-off video

Georgina Smith
4v1 fight video next to the TikTok logo

Incomplete videos of a violent 4v1 fight are going viral on TikTok, with users confused by the context of the situation, and searching for the full videos.

As TikTok grows in popularity, it has become the center of viral content on the internet, but it’s not just dances and filters that end up going viral.

Events like Adrian’s Kickback because a huge deal thanks to the power of TikTok, and it never takes long for new personalities to pop up overnight due to the sheer speed at which people can generate likes on the platform. However, the videos that go viral aren’t always necessarily pleasant.

A new video has sprung up on the site of a fight involving four people going after one person. Various copies of the clip have been uploaded to the app, garnering millions of views and hundreds and thousands of likes.

The clip that’s being uploaded to TikTok is notably cut off before the fight begins, with one of the most popular videos having a caption that reads: “4v1 and he still got up like a king” – but cuts off before any punches are thrown.

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This has led to hundreds of commenters trying to find the full video to see what the caption was talking about, with some full versions surfacing on Twitter.

The clip shows several men speed up in a car, and start beating up one man who lies on the ground. Afterward, the man gets up and walks away towards a different car.


The man’s face is left bloodied, but appears not to sustain any serious injuries. However, the violent attack could have ended far worse.

It’s not clear what the context of the video is, and currently, with no information on who the individuals in the video are, or what their motivation was for the fight. It’s also not known why the video went so viral on TikTok of all places, but the app’s algorithm is a closely guarded secret.

Opinion on the video is divided among viewers, with some praising the man for getting up and walking off after being attacked, and criticizing the unfair attack, with others noting that without context, it’s impossible to give a verdict.