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Dr Disrespect reveals why he’s such a big fan of xQc

Published: 22/Jan/2020 11:27

by Matt Porter


Dr Disrespect revealed why he likes fellow streamer Felix ‘xQc‘ Lengyel so much after playing a game of Escape From Tarkov with the Canadian.

The Doc is one of the biggest streamers in the world with almost four million followers on Twitch, but is best known for playing by himself rather than with others.

After criticizing streamers who play with others on the tactical shooter, the leader of the Champions Club jumped into the action with the former Overwatch pro, and after their match, heaped praise on his fellow Twitch star, explaining why he really liked him to his chat.


xQc posing on a balcony.
Twitter: xQc
Dr Disrespect explained why he’s a big fan of xQc.

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After discussing how he wanted to play more with the streamer, but Escape From Tarkov’s queue times were making it difficult, The Doc broke into some lavish praise about his peer.

“I like xQc,” Dr Disrespect told his chat. “He has a good perspective about the way he approaches things, you know? I always enjoy unique perspectives in that sense. Like when we’re talking, he had his own [view], it was good. I liked it. Plus good energy.”

Dr Disrespect also went on to state that he liked Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar as well, before making sure to turn the attention back to himself in typical Doc fashion, saying: “Enough about them, it’s about me!”


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The good news for those keen to see The Doc and xQc team up again is that the streamer is open to the possibility, but didn’t go as far as stating when they will link up in Tarkov again.

It may not come as too big a surprise that the pair seem to get on very well, with their outlandish personalities almost complimenting each other rather than overshadowing, leaving fans of the Twitch streamers begging for more hilarious moments as they try to survive in one of the most challenging first-person shooters on the market.