100 Thieves’ CouRage unhurt in second car accident in a week

Scott Robertson
Twitter: CouRage JD

Everyone involved is alright as Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop revealed on Twitter on December 8 that he got rear-ended while driving around in Los Angeles, his second car accident in just a matter of days.

It takes courage to drive around Los Angeles with the state of that traffic situation. Apparently, it’s also taking years off of CouRage’s life when it comes to stress induced by getting rear-ended.

Just days prior to this latest incident, Jack let his fans know on Twitter that he got into his very first ‘car accident’ on December 5. While waiting for a red light to turn green, he got rear-ended by a driver who was distracted by their phone. CouRage emphasized the importance of not texting and driving, which for some reason many people still do not fully understand.

But just days removed from that incident, the back of Jack’s car was subject to more abuse, again as he was sitting at a red light. But this time, the driver was reportedly going much faster, and caused some serious damage to the rear of the vehicle.

CouRage says the driver “must’ve been going 30 miles an hour, ” but thankfully, “it seems everyone is alright.” His car has certainly seen better days, as a massive inward dent sits in the direct center of the trunk hatch, and the left side of the bumper of his Lincoln MKZ is practically hanging off. Jack has had this car for less than two years, and had gone without accidents until the two this past week.

His 100 Thieves comrades in Moe ‘Yassuo’ and Avalanche expressed relief on Twiter that CouRage himself is alright, among many others. He reassured his followers in a follow-up tweet that everyone is indeed okay, and that his current plan is to relax with some double vodka sodas.

Luckily, no one was hurt in either of the two accidents, but CouRage has said in the past that he’s come too close to a more serious accident before. Over the summer, he tweeted about driving on the highway when a couple of young kids were “swerving in and out of traffic” at 110 MPH; a scary experience for CouRage which thankfully didn’t result in any accidents.

As bad as the back of his car looks, CouRage has somehow had less bad luck with cars than his friend and 100 Thieves founder Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag. The CoD veteran turned brand founder had his car booted back in October of this year, before new 100T streamer BrookeAB “blew it up” to cap off their prank war.

Hopefully, the 100 Thieves organization can use some of the money from their sold-out cream hoodie re-release to go toward some new cars.

Whether you live in LA or a quiet, rural town, drive carefully this winter. You don’t want the financial responsibility of rear-ending someone to ruin your Christmas shopping.

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