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100 Thieves announce return of Cream Hoodie: release date & how to buy

Published: 20/Nov/2019 21:21

by Scott Robertson


The most lauded piece of merchandise in the 100 Thieves brand’s lineup is back to celebrate the organization’s two year anniversary and here’s how to get your hands on the 2019 cream hoodie.

The cream of the crop rises to the top. It’s not just a saying popularized by an astoundingly bizarre Macho Man Randy Savage promo from back in the day, it’s a fitting description for merchandise. The best always rises to the top, and the cream has risen to the top one more time.

On November 20, the 100 Thieves brand announced that they would be celebrating their two year anniversary in style, and are doing so by re-releasing a highly demanded piece of merchandise, the cream hoodie.


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How do I get the hoodie?

The cream hoodie will become available on November 23, at precisely 12pm PST/3pm EST/8pm GMT. Currently, the shop page features a slideshow of all the brand’s biggest personalities showing off the returning piece of apparel.

Nadeshot, CourageJD, Valkyrae, BrookeAB, Yassuo, and all the members of The Mob are sporting the returning hoodie above a countdown to the release. 

There is currently no option to pre-order the item, but shop visitors can create an account and add their shipping address now if they want to beat the rush on Saturday. Judging by the reactions, it should be pretty massive.


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Why is this hoodie so popular?

Previous versions of the hoodie fetch for very high prices on resale. Currently on eBay, there are listings for the previous cream hoodie ranging that range from $350 up to $800. 100 Thieves merch re-sells high regardless, but this piece of merch runs especially pricey.

Social media responded overwhelmingly positive to the announcement of the hoodie’s return, reaching near five thousand likes in just half an hour, which is absurdly high for an announcement based solely on a hoodie.

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It’s understandable to see this kind of reception, as it is indeed a very stylish hoodie. It doesn’t feature the oversized logos, distracting patterns, and excessive sponsor logos that usually makeup esports merchandise. It’s a simple cream hoodie with the 100T logo front and center, but not too big, and a 100T hem tag along the bottom.


Currently, there is no word or announcement of price yet, but expect to see these hoodies get sold out quick regardless of the cost. Creating an account and saving your address now might be the only advantage you have against the others who will be there when the countdown ends.