Where to find all Elden Ring map fragments

Elden Ring map fragmentsFromSoftware

The Lands Between are vast and treacherous to navigate, map fragments will help you piece together every route and shortcut. Here’s where to find all Elden Ring map fragments.

You’ll start finding map fragments in Elden Ring early in your playthrough, each one of these opens up your world map, allowing you to see where you’re going and record important landmarks once you’ve visited them. This also allows you to fast travel and avoid the many dangers that lurk in the Lands Between.

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However, to fast travel anywhere, you’ll need to unlock all Elden Ring map fragments. This can take a long time if you don’t know where to look and many will be unavailable to you until you reach a specific region of the map.

The good news is that you’ll only need to unlock each map fragment once in the game. Your map, and the location marking of everywhere you’ve visited, carry over into New Game plus, but in your first playthrough, you’ll need to gather every fragment in the game to fully open up every location.

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Elden Ring map fragmentsFromSoftware
Elden Ring map fragments are usually found on these stone obelisks.

All map fragment locations in Elden Ring

Every map fragment in Elden Ring can be found by visiting stone obelisks scattered throughout the Lands Between. Once you enter a region, you’ll have an empty map of the area, but the stone obelisks will be marked, allowing you to ride towards them to open the map up properly.

Remember, you won’t be able to just ride around the map from the start and unlock every map fragment, many are regions are gated and will require you to progress in the story before you can unlock them.

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Below, we’ve included every stone obelisk/map fragment location in Elden Ring. We’ve also provided them in a logical order based on the average playthrough, but you may find some before others, depending on where your travels take you.

Limgrave, West

Likely the first map fragment you’ll come across in Elden Ring, this one can be found close to the war camp of Gorick’s troops, outside the Gatefront Ruins and Site of Grace.

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Limgrave westFromSoftware
West Limgrave is where the adventure begins.

Limgrave, East

Travel south from the Third Church of Marika to near the Siofra River Well, the stone obelisk and map fragment will be near a large Rune Bear clawing a tree.

Limgrave EastFromSoftware
East Limgrave is more dangerous than the west.

Liurnia, East

The first map fragment you’re likely to find in Liurnia is north of the Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace. There’s a group of enemies near it, so it should be easy to spot.

Lake southFromSoftware
East Liurnia of the Lakes is stunning – but dangerous.

Liurnia, West

This one is south of the Road to the Manor and is on the ridge to the west of the lake. It’s opposite the Lucaria Gate as far as the map goes.

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Lake westFromSoftware
West Liurnia of the Lake is home to a mysterious manor.

Liurnia, North

This map fragment can be found north of the Scenic Isle and is next to the Academy Gate Town Site of Grace.

Lake NorthFromSoftware
North Liurnia of the Lake and the university.

Weeping Peninsula

Located south of Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace as you follow the road towards the castle itself.

Weeping PeninsulaFromSoftware
The Weeping Peninsula is south of Limgrave


Located northeast of the Cathedral of Dragon Communion by a junction in the road.

Caelid south mapFromSoftware
Caelid is east of Limgrave.


Located east of the Dragonbarrow West Site of Grace and south of the Divine Tower of Caelid.

Dragonbarrow is in northen Caelid.

Altus Plateau

Likely the first map fragment you’ll find in the Altus Plateau, this one can be found north of the Altus Highway Junction. It’s also south of the Bower of Bounty as you follow the road.

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royal capital westFromSoftware
The Altus Plateau is the road to the capital.

Leyndell, Royal Capital

This one is east of the Altus Highway Junction, near the Outer Wall Tree Site of Grace.

Capital city mapFromSoftware
King Morgott awaits the Tarnished in the Captial City.

Mt. Gelmir

This map fragment unlocks the mountain region and can be found west of the Road of Iniquity Site of Grace.

Volcano manor mapFromSoftware
Mt. Gelmir is home to an active volcano and a creepy cult.

Siofra River

This map fragment isn’t located on a stone obelisk, instead, it’s sitting on a body east of the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace. The area itself is located beneath the world map on a map of its own. You’ll need to take one of the elevators down to the Siofra River to reach it.

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Siofra River mapFromSoftware
The Siofra River is underground.

Ainsel River Well

This map fragment is also not on a stone obelisk but on a body. To reach it, start at the Ainsel River Site of Grace and head through the tunnel, past the coffins, and take a right to find an elevator behind a door. Take the elevator down into a big cave, a star beast will start attacking from afar with rocks, make your way to the room underneath it and you’ll see a body with the map fragment next to a hidden merchant.

You’ll visit this area in Ranni’s quest.

Mountaintops of the Giants, West

Once you arrive in the region you can find this map fragment located between the elevator entrance and the Zamor Ruins Site of Grace. Simply follow the road.

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Mountaintop west mapFromSoftware
The Mountaintops is a snowy winter wonderland.

Mountaintops of the Giants, East

Located near to the Giants’ Gravepost Site of Grace, south side of the huge chain bridge.

mountaintops east mapsFromSoftware
The last giant guards the Chaos Flame in the eastern mountains.

Lake of Rot

Located in a hidden and dangerous area, the Lake of Rot. The map fragment is close to the shoreline. You’ll likely arrive here if you follow Ranni’s questline. Just make sure you have some Scarlett Rot cures handy.

The Lake of Rot will infect you with scarlett rot.

Deeproot Depths

Located northeast of the Deeproot Depths Site of Grace. The map fragment is found on a corpse under a structure.

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The Deeproot Depths is home to an undead Golden god.

Mogwyn Palace

To find the map to Mohg’s lair start at the Palace Approach Site of Grace and ride along the right-hand wall. You’ll eventually come to some ruins and stairs, at the top, the map is on a corpse.

Mogwyn Palce mapFromSoftware
The Mogwyn Dynasty plots it’s acension.

Consecrated Snowfield

As the Consecrated Snowfield is hidden area, you’ll need to have found both pieces of the Haligtree Secret Medallion and take the Grand Lift of Rold to this region. The map fragment is on the stone obelisk on the road near the start of the area.

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Consecrated snowfield mapFromSoftware
The Consecrated Snowfeild hides a slumbering demigod.

So, there you have it, every map fragment in Elden Ring. If you’re looking for more ways to overcome the many difficult challenges in Elden Ring, we’ve got plenty of other guides to help. You can find them by clicking here or clicking the individual links below.

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