Does Elden Ring have New Game Plus?

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Once you beat Elden Ring will you be able to replay the whole game with all your gear and upgrades? Here’s how NG+ works in Elden Ring.

All previous Souls games have given players the option to enter New Game Plus or NG+ upon completing the main story. Games like Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne thrust players into NG+ automatically after the credits rolled. However, Dark Souls 2 and 3 let the player move onto ‘journey 2’ once they were ready.

Elden Ring also has a New Game Plus option once the game’s main campaign is finished. Here’s what happens once you become Elden Lord – or should you decide to opt for a different ending.

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What do you do when you beat Elden Ring? Get your best gear and do it again!

How Does New Game Plus work in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring resembles Dark Souls 2 and 3, allowing players to enter NG+ when they are ready, rather than being thrust into it automatically like in Demon’s Souls (both versions), Dark Souls, and Bloodborne.

Players will be given the chance to enter NG+ once the credits roll if they choose, but will be able to say no and return to their game world if they’re not ready. This way, players can continue to explore the world and enter their second journey at their leisure.

Basically, Elden Ring will let you travel to NG+ when you’re ready to do so. Should you refuse the first option to progress to ‘Journey 2’, you’ll find yourself back at the Roundtable Hold after the credits roll.

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From here, you’re free to finish off side quests, hunt for rare items and slay any bosses you’ve not killed yet. There’s a whole lot of game in Elden Ring even after you’ve completed the main story.

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NG+ is always harder than the original playthrough, so be ready.

When should you enter NG+ in Elden Ring?

Being able to enter New Game Plus when you choose allows you to complete any side quests that remain unfinished. Elden Ring is a big game, with lots of places to explore and items to find. Just because you complete the main story in Elden Ring doesn’t mean you should immediately enter NG+. Do so when you’re ready and feel like you have achieved everything you wanted to

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Entering NG+ too early, means that you’ll then need to play through the whole game again before you can get back any late game content you missed first time around. This means it will become much more difficult to travel round the map, seek out unexplored areas and gather any items you may have missed.

New Game Plus in Elden Ring also increases the difficulty, so it’s advised that players find all the items and skills they want in their first playthrough. This will make subsequent playthroughs much easier and give players more freedom in their second journey.

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