Best Spirit Summon Ashes in Elden Ring: From Lone Wolves to Mimic Tear

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Spirit Summon Ashes in Elden Ring are powerful allies that can aid you in combat. Here are the 10 best summons in Elden Ring.

The Lands Between can be a dangerous place to journey through alone and other players aren’t always available. Luckily, your spirit summons in Elden Ring have your Tarnished back and can be called upon to lend some much-needed support in a tough fight.

These are different summoning other players for aid, and can be utilized alongside them. Spirit Summon Ashes also helps differentiate Elden Ring from previous Souls games and adds more depth to the combat. It also means the game is easier to play solo, as you can rely on your AI allies if other players aren’t around.

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Spirit Summons in Elden Ring will become more powerful as you level them up, or by finding more unique characters to call on throughout your journey. There’s also a summon for every play style with some being tanky warriors and others being ranged or magic users. There are also utility summons, who’ll stay out of the way and heal you or inflict status effects on your enemies.

Now that the Elden Ring DLC is upon us, let’s look at the best Spirit Summons you can call on for aid in the Lands Between.

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Spirit Summons have your back in tough spots.

Best summons in Elden Ring

Here are the 10 best Spirit Summon Ashes in Elden Ring you can call upon, ranked in order of usefulness:

10. Lone Wolves

Lone Wolf Spirit Ashes Elden RingFromSoftware
The Lone Wolves are the first Spirit Summons you’ll receive.

The Lone Wolves are given to you by ‘Renna’ towards the start of the game, but even though they’re your first Spirit Summon, they’ll continue to be useful for the duration. However, they’ll need to be upgraded to keep up with the game’s increasingly tough enemies.

Even when fully upgraded, powerful AOE attacks from bosses are likely to wipe them out, but before that, they can cause havoc and give you time to get your attacks in. As there are three wolves all moving quickly, it can be hard for a boss to know who to target. Their attacks are also fast as the wolves work as a pack to support you.

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9. Skeletal Militiamen

Skeletal Militiamen Spirit SummonFrom Software
Skeletal Militiamen can come back to life, causing a headache to bosses.

The Skeletal Militiamen Spirit Summons would be average at best, but their ability to resurrect makes them a thorn in the side of most Elden Ring bosses. Once killed, undead in Elden Ring tend to come back to life with full health. It’s annoying, but rather useful when they’re on your side.

After killing one of your skeletons, a boss will turn its attention back to you or the other two, this gives your summons the chance to come back from the dead and cause more trouble for the boss. Imagine this happening with 3 different skeletons. Of course, attacking the skeleton in the middle of its resurrection will kill them permanently, but this won’t happen every time.

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This Spirit Summon Ash can be found early on after defeating the first Tibia Mariner boss at the Summonwater Village.

8. Rotten Stray

Rotton stray spirit ashFrom Software
The Rotton Stray can inflict scarlet rot on enemies.

The Rotten Stray Ash can be extremely useful against tough bosses as it’s the only Spirit Summon that can inflict Scarlet Rot against powerful opponents. Your enemy will be on borrowed time after being bitten by this disgusting doggo – unless they get lucky, and the rot wears off. It means some bosses can be defeated by simply waiting for their health to run down.

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However, this takes a while and some bosses will recover from the Scarlet Rot before this happens, while others are immune. The Rotten Stray isn’t much use in a fight after that, but they could be the difference between victory and defeat in the early hours of the game.

You can find the Rotten Stray Ash on a corpse near the Sellia Under-Stair Site of Grace in Caelid. It’s a good one to find after you escape the Sellia Tunnel trap.

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7. Latenna the Albinauric

Latenna spirt summonFrom Software
Latenna is an excellent ranged Spirit Summon.

You’ll be sent to find Latenna by Gideon Ofnir and by a survivor in the Albinauric village. You can find her by going through the Lakeside Crystal Cave dungeon located under the southern ridge of Liurnia. She’ll be sitting by her sleeping wolf and will initially be rude to you before learning your intentions.

She’ll then willingly become a Spirit Summon Ash if you agree to take her to the base of the Haligtree, however, she’ll stay with you even after you complete her quest.

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Latenna is a powerful archer and can pelt enemies with rapid arrow attacks from a distance. She’s deadly at range but is vulnerable if attacked. She’s also a turret and cannot move, so place her somewhere safe but with a full view of the enemy for best results.

6. Nepheli Loux (puppet)

Nepheli Elden RingFrom Software
Nepheli is a useful ally in any boss battle.

Getting Nepheli Loux as a Spirit Summon requires you to walk a dark path. Rather than completing her quest, you’ll need to feed her the potion given to you by Seluvis. This will turn her into a puppet, and you’ll then be able to buy this from the nasty wizard. You can also give the potion to Gideon Ofnir who’ll dispose of it for you.

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Nepheli is an effective fighter but doesn’t have much health. Her quick attacks will make short work of some bosses, but she can be killed just as quickly. She’s worth acquiring if you’re planning multiple playthroughs, but the question is, do you have the stomach to turn a valued ally into a mindless puppet?

5. Dung Eater (puppet)

Elden Ring endingsFrom Software
Dung Eater is a mass-murdering monster, but could he serve a higher purpose?

If you decide not to give Seluvis’ potion to Nepheli Loux, you can turn Dung Eater into a puppet instead. This is providing Seluvis is still alive, and you’ve not yet completed Ranni’s quest.

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Follow Dung Eater’s quest until he willingly returns to his cell and ties himself to a chair. He’ll then ask you to bring him 5 Seabed Curses and feed them to him. Instead, give him the potion from Seluvis. Later you can visit the secret lab and buy Dung Eater as a puppet Spirit Summon Ash.

This may be a better use of the violent serial killer’s talents than simply dying of his own curse, especially if you’ve opted for a different ending. Dung Eater is a powerful tank, and his sword inflicts bleed damage on enemies which is very useful against bosses like Fire Giant and Malenia.

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4. Finger Maiden Therolina (puppet)

Therolina spirit summonFrom Software
Therolina isn’t much help in a fight, but she can buff you.

You may decide you’d like to solo most bosses in Elden Ring and therefore don’t want a Spirit Summon to aid you in battle, but did you know that this Spirit Ash mostly buffs you instead of fighting the boss herself?

Therolina will mostly follow you around and heal you in battle, rather than engage the enemy herself. This could make her the perfect companion to those who want to do all the damage themselves.

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The character first appears as an NPC summon during the Radahn boss fight, healing you and other warriors, but she soon falls victim to Seluvis sometime after this. You can purchase her as a Spirit Ash puppet from Seluvis in his secret lab – even after his demise.

3. Banished Knight Oleg

Spirit summons Elden RingFrom Software
Banished Knight Oleg is a powerful Spirit Summon you can get early in Elden Ring.

Oleg is an incredibly powerful knight and can be found at the very start of the game in the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave. However, to unlock him you’ll need to use a Sword Stone Key on the gargoyle, dodge the blade traps, then beat a powerful Tree Spirit boss.

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The good news is Oleg is worth it and is one of the best tank Spirit Summons you can find in Elden Ring. His spinning gust attack can stagger enemies and leave them vulnerable to attack by you. When fully upgraded, Oleg can hold his own against most bosses.

2. Lhutel the Headless

Lhutel spirit summonFrom Software
Lhutel is one of the best Spirit Summons you can use.

Lhutel is more balanced than Oleg, providing a nice mix of ranged and melee attacks. She can also inflict Death Blight on enemies which can end some boss fights quickly. Her great shield means she can block attacks and tends to survive longer than most other Spirit Summons.

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She can teleport across the battlefield too, helping her close the gap between herself and enemies and avoid their counterattacks. There’s definitely an argument for Lhutel being the best Spirit Summon in the game. You can unlock her by defeating the Cemetery Shade in the Tombsword Catacombs.

1. Mimic Tear

The Mimic Tear Spirit Ashes summon a clone version of your character.

Despite being nerfed by Elden Ring’s first major patch, the Mimic Tear remains the most powerful and useful Spirit Summon in our view. That’s because it’s an exact copy of the player, with access to any weapons, skills, and spells they have (providing these are equipped at the point of summoning).

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By equipping certain items, you can essentially tailor the Mimic Tear Summon to be anything you want it to be, then switch back to your preferred loadout. While FromSoftware has made this Spirit Ash less OP, the principle remains the same, therefore the Mimic Tear is still an insanely powerful ally in any fight.

You can unlock this summon by first beating it as a boss in the Eternal City of Nokron, then traveling across the rooftops to the Night’s Sacred Grounds. The Ashes are in a chest behind a Spirit Sword gargoyle. Be warned though, summoning the Mimic Tear costs health rather than MP.

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