Bill Clinton modded into Elden Ring after bizarre Game Awards mention

Arestame_Arkeid | Twitter

A short time after someone stormed the Game Awards stage and gave a bewildering mention to Bill Clinton as Elden Ring received the Game of the Year Award, the 42nd US President has been modded into the game.

The Game Awards had many highlight moments, only some of which were intentional.

Elden Ring received the coveted Game of the Year award, and, following the acceptance speech from director Hidetaka Miyazaki, a stage stormer grabbed the mic and gave a bizarre statement about Bill Clinton.

This was one of the more memorable moments from the event, to the point where Bill Clinton has been trending all over the place. Now, an Elden Ring modder has put the former US President in the game.

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Bill Clinton modded into Elden Ring following Game Awards

Elden Ring allows players to build their own character to enter The Lands Between and explore the trials that have felled many a player on the path to completing the Game of the Year winning journey.

Fans of both Elden Ring and the Game Awards have really clung onto this moment, however, making Bill Clinton trend on Twitter for hours after the event concluded.

According to Geoff Keighley, the individual who stormed the stage was arrested following the event’s interruption. But his short spiel about Bill Clinton combined with Elden Ring being awarded Game of the Year has spawned a wave of memes poking fun at the absurdity of the situation.

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An Elden Ring modder has taken things to the next level by putting Bill Clinton in the game, suit and all. Just hours after the Game Awards wrapped, the former US President was playable in-game.

It wasn’t just his face, either. This version of Bill Clinton comes with a full suit and has him dressed for success in Elden Ring’s hostile world.