Where to find Ash of War: Bloodhound’s Step in Elden Ring

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Ash of War: Bloodhound’s Step is one of the most useful skills in Elden Ring, but it’s not easy to find. Here’s everything you need to know, including what it does and where to find it.

Elden Ring is filled with all different kinds of enemies. However, Bloodhound enemies are some of the most menacing because they have a unique ability that lets them dash while also disappearing for a moment.

However, the good news is that you can acquire that ability too. It’s called Ash of War: Bloodhound’s Step, and it’s not that hard to find. There’s a catch, though – you’ll need to earn it by defeating a powerful foe.

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Ashes of War are special items in Elden Ring that give your character unique Weapon Skills.

Where to find Ash of War: Bloodhound’s Step in Elden Ring

First, head over to Lenne’s Rise, a tower located in the northern peninsula of Caelid. Then, rest at the Site of Grace and let time pass until nighttime.

Next, head north and approach the bridge until you see an ominous-looking boss called the Night Cavalry. You’ll need to take him down.

The Night Cavalry is quick and hits like a truck. So, we recommend you fight while riding your horse to make things easier.

Landing successive blows will cause him to fall off his horse, leaving him vulnerable to free attacks for a brief moment.

Once defeated, he’ll drop the Bloodhound’s Step Ashes of War — a handsome reward for your efforts.

You’ll find the Night Cavalry on the bridge north of Lenne’s Rise in Caelid.

That’s all there is to it! After that, you’ll be able to make yourself invisible when dashing using Bloodhound’s Step, which is incredibly useful in boss fights.

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