EA FC 24 players on red alert as ‘toxic’ celebration could return

Jake Nichols
Ea Sports FC 24 shush celebration

In the aftermath of the EA Sports FC 24 reveal, the gaming community is abuzz with reactions, but one particular detail has caught the discerning eye of veteran players. An image of Real Madrid’s Vinicius Junior executing the notorious “shush” celebration was enough to send alarm bells through the community.

Renowned for inciting rage among opponents, the “shush” celebration symbolized the thrilling high that comes with scoring a goal in age-old FIFA games.

But it was also a bitter sting for an opponent who had to endure watching the entire celebration before returning to gameplay.

Featuring a player putting his finger over his lips in a shushing motion, this celebration is steeped in controversy and naturally, has even been blamed for numerous broken controllers.

In earlier iterations of the game, triumphant players would score a goal, unleash the shush celebration, and then sprint to the midfield, maximizing their opponent’s suffering. Some players would even couple this with the Tim Cahill boxing flag celebration, making their victory lap even more irritating.

The shush celebration was eventually removed from the FIFA 21 series to reduce celebration time and curtail toxic behavior.

Despite these efforts, players soon discovered other provocative celebrations, like the Tshabalala dance celebration from the 2010 World Cup, which further fueled the rage-quitting phenomenon.

FIFA 23 attempted to combat toxicity further, ironically introducing the griddy celebration, which also gained notoriety.

This year’s EA Sports FC 24 (formerly FIFA) reveal also highlighted the game’s release date of September 29 across various platforms, including PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Fans can pre-order EA FC 24 now.

The game is set to feature over 19,000 licensed players, more than 30 leagues, and over 100 accurately recreated stadiums. This extensive representation includes two brand-new additions to the game: Spain’s Liga F and Germany’s Frauen-Bundesliga.

The new edition also pledges significant updates and enhancements, such as an improved user experience, HyperMotionV, PlayStyles optimized by Opta, and a revolutionized Frostbite Engine.

Whether you’re eager or apprehensive about the potential return of the ‘shush’ celebration, EA Sports FC 24 is set to redefine the football gaming landscape with its exciting new features, launching this September.