EA FC 24: All-new HyperMotion V gameplay features

Andrew Highton
hypermotionV technology trailer ea fc 24

EA SPORTS FC is looking to make a splash with HyperMotion V being one of the pillars of EA FC 24. The next iteration of EA’s powerful technology has been overhauled and we’ve got everything you need to know about the striking gameplay improvements.

HyperMotion has been the cornerstone of FIFA / EA SPORTS FC for a few years now. A bespoke system that controls animations, the collision detection system, ball physics, and much more. It’s back with the latest incarnation of this revolution software – HyperMotion V – and it fuels EA FC 24’s gameplay.

Along with big changes to Pro Clubs, now just Clubs, and Career Mode, the game’s core mechanics are also in for some nifty refinements too. HyperMotion V features an array of upgrades to dribbling, shooting, AI, and so much more.

EA FC 24 HyperMotion V: Authenticity & physics

One of the most significant changes to EA FC 24 comes in the form of how matches play out. Between capturing data from tons of real-life matches and tracking real-time animations from those matches, EA has a bunch of new data they’ve worked into the football title.

This means that EA FC 24 should simulate and replicate the beautiful game even more realistically. AcceleRATE 2.0 brings back the popular mechanic for a second round with seven unique archetypes to represent the different body types and styles in the modern game.

Not only this, but ball physics have also been improved, as well as AI and goalkeeper handling.

haaland scoring goal in ea fc 24 trailer

EA FC 24 HyperMotion V: Play Styles

Using the power of HyperMotion V, the Play Styles in EA FC 24 feel inherently different from one another. For instance, a Speed Dribbler type will feel nimble and agile.

There are 34 different Play Styles in total, split into five different categories, and it should give you more food for thought when acquiring players in Career and Ultimate Team, or just for general matchday selection.

EA FC 24 HyperMotion V: Precision Passing

There is also a bunch of updates and improvements made to central gameplay too. Precision Passing is designed to make team moves even more delicate and considered.

If the player chooses to use helpful prompts, then lines will appear on the screen to show where the pass will go. Not only that, but swerve and cut spin can be added too.

EA FC 24 HyperMotion V: Dribbling, Tackling & Shooting

Controlled Dribble Sprint allows for more intricate ball movement, whereas Effort Dribble Touch is for bursting clear of the opposition in your vicinity.

New Responsive Shooting means not having to wait for animations to sync up to get your strike away and Possession Tackle allows certain players to keep the ball and get away quicker after winning it in a tackle.

There’s so much more to HyperMotion V and more when it launches with EA FC 24. Players will be able to experience it for themself on September 19, 2023, and check out our EA SPORTS FC page for even more news and content regarding the game.

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