EA FC 24 finally fixes annoying problems with Ultimate Team

Andrew Highton
ea fc 24 squad pic trailer

EA FC 24’s Ultimate Team will be a continuation of the legacy forged by EA to this point. However, a new game also means a raft of fixes and improvements, including some of Ultimate Team’s most frustrating problems being changed.

Gamers that don’t even play FIFA / EA FC 24 know what Ultimate Team is. EA’s incredible cash cow has been a smash hit for over a decade now, leading to many other games borrowing elements of the successful game mode’s innovation.

Opening intangible packs of cards to build squads and assemble incredible teams that you thought you’d never see has been a staple for years. While the mode has had its criticism for being too reliant on microtransactions, Ultimate Team has also frustrated players with its UI and gameplay.

Although, it appears as if EA is looking to rectify some of these long-standing problems.

EA SPORTS FC Ultimate Team features big community request changes

Year after year, EA’s Ultimate Team mode makes new additions. FIFA 23 saw the debut of FUT Moments for instance. But while new content is introduced, existing features are sometimes neglected and it leaves players scratching their heads.

One post on the EASportsFC subreddit posted a picture of EA FC 24 and the features being advertised in it. It mentions Quality of Life improvements and explained some of the small changes that will make life much easier for UT users.

“Community requests are a core feature this year in Ultimate Team: Claim all Objective rewards at one time, change player positions without a consumable, build new squads with improved Chemistry for ICONs, navigate more seamlessly between features, and more.”

One excited EA FC user said: “Claim all? This changes EVERYTHING,” and another person was also pleased with the incoming tweaks: “I love how this is the first item on that list there and I’m not even p*ssed.”

With so many questions surrounding EA FC 24, this is an example of the devs listening to and responding to user feedback. Along with new Hero cards and ICONs, this new incarnation of Ultimate Team could be pretty different.