Dota 2’s new hero The Ringmaster: TI reveal, abilities, release window & more

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It’s rare Dota 2 gets new heroes these days, so new reveals are often events in and of themselves. The Ringmaster was revealed in spectacular fashion at TI 12, leaving fans to speculate about what his sadistic moveset will be. Here’s everything we know about him so far.

Though details on The Ringmaster are sparse at this time, it’s hard not to be excited with how The Ringmaster, Dota 2’s next hero, was introduced at TI 2023.

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An unsuspecting Axe was wandering through the forest when he fell victim to one of The Ringmaster’s traps, one that saw him getting sucked into an iron maiden.

Here’s everything we know about The Ringmaster so far:

The Ringmaster Dota 2 TI 12 reveal

On the last day of competition at TI 12, The Ringmaster was shown off just before matches for the day kicked off.

Fans feel as if the devs behind Dota 2 really stepped it up with this reveal, bringing out one of the most hype teaser trailers they’ve ever done for a new hero.

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Though details are sparse at this time, the hero has already generated a great deal of buzz within the community.

Does The Ringmaster have a release date?

At this time, there’s only a release window for this hero, and it’s a loose one at that. At the end of the trailer a brief message gives players a time in which they can expect him to be released:

“No hero is safe: 2024.”

Granted, 2024 is a very loose timeframe, and it’s not yet clear whether that’ll be in the first or second half of the year. Considering we didn’t get any actual gameplay for this hero, it’s safe to assume he’s a ways out.

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The Ringmaster’s Dota 2 abilities

At this point, we only know what we can wean from The Ringmaster’s reveal. It’s a safe assumption that he’ll be designed around some level of deception or deceit, a character that’s meant to trick and trap players in some way, shape, or form.

It isn’t yet clear, however, if his traps can be placed and operate independently, or if they’re just straightforward abilities that he can use in combat. While his identity is very distinct and players like him already, we truthfully don’t know much about what he’ll be capable of when he finally releases.

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